Friday, December 18, 2009

New Moon

So way back when New Moon came out me and a couple of my friends stayed up late to watch it at midnight. We went to Applebees before for some dinner and then headed over to the theater. Luckily they let us wait for the movie in the theater so we could at least sit down. It was fun to be with the girls but the movie just wasn't as good as the book. I wish they would have picked someone else for Jacob, but of course they didn't get my opinion first. Oh well it was still fun.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Well the day finally came, Clint is done with school for a whole month! He had his last final and came zooming home jumping for joy! In fact it was so fast that he forgot to give his friend a ride home who had asked him before his test, but after he figured out he had forgotten him he went back. We had a whole day planned of movies and food and relaxing but last night we bough a Wii so we have pretty much been spending our day glued to that. Most of his classmates had huge plans at the bar but since we don't drink, we had to find our own way to relax and celebrate the freedom.

Clint feels like he did well on his finals but he won't know how well he did until the 5th of January so he gets to spend his holiday vacation wondering how he did. He's just happy that he did his best and feels like he knows what he needed to know. Good job Clint, I am so proud of you!

We're getting really excited for our trip home to Utah. We leave on Tuesday and get to stay until January 5th! Clint is a little worried that it will be too long of a time with nothing to do, but I'm sure the time will fly by before we know it and our days will be so full we'll be wishing for break.

I still have Thanksgiving and other things I need to blog about, but that's not going to happen tonight, so hopefully while I'm in Utah I can get caught up on that. Merry Christmas to everyone and have a safe and happy Holidays.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Funniest Story You Will Ever Hear!

Ok so I do have things I want to write about Thanksgiving but this just happened 5 minutes ago and I have to write about it now before I forget. (But most likely I'll never forget this one!)

So I asked Clint to bring up our Christmas stuff from the garage. He was on his last trip up the stair and I was waiting for him on the 3rd floor opening the fire door for him. I heard him walk up the steps, open the door to the second floor and try and open the neighbors door that lives right below us. Well of course the door was locked so he starts knocking, and knocking and finally the scared to death women opens the door as Clint yells, "Why did you lock the door?" (thinking he was talking to me). By this time he has finally figured out that he is in the wrong place and before he can say sorry she slammed to door in his face. All along I am laughing as loud as I can (which isn't very loud because I have lost my voice from being sick). I tried to yell to him when he started knocking on the door but he didn't hear me. Oh it was so funny! He came up laughing and I'm sure a little embarrassed. We'll have to make sure our Christmas gift to our downstairs neighbor is especially good this year so she won't put a restraining order on Clint. Hope you had as good as laugh as I did!

More posts to come.