Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Post I Should Have Done a LONG Time Ago!

Here are two events that have happened in the last month that I haven't posted about, so I'm doing that now. We have met some great LDS friends who are going to law school with Clint. One night we got together and had a game night and another day we (Lindsey) got a huge group of law students together for dinner and S'mores. Both events were so much fun and it is so nice having friends who are in the same situation as us. Busy all the time with school and poor, poor, poor.

Game Night:

This night was also the day or a couple days before Lindsey's birthday, so Heather made her this cute cake.

Andy was such an excellent host, Clint was getting very hot and he was nice enough to wipe the sweat from his brow.

The Gang: PJ's head, Lindsey's head, Andy, Clint and Heather.

Lindsey and Andy, Lindsey just couldn't understand why Clint doesn't like playing games. :)

Ok now these next 3 pictures are so cute and hilarious. This is Jack, Heather's son. I tried 3 times to get a picture with his eyes open and...

all 3 times I failed. I don't blame him, it was late at night and the flash was really bright.

Dinner and S'more Night:
Jessica, Jen and Clint

Isn't she just SO cute, Eleanor is her name.

Heidi and Eleanor's Mom Sarah

More of the Gang Roasting Mallows

This is Andy, he knew my brother (Doug) on there mission (small world). Here he is saying hi to Doug.

Were the yummy master piece comes together

Cute Heather and PJ

And now I can put a check mark on my list of "Things to Do."

Movies in Ohio

If you are big movie buffs like we are you'll understand our shock. So in Utah if you went to a movie on opening night (especially a big movie) you know that you have to buy your tickets in advance, get to the movie theater hours before so you get a decent seat, and know that the theater will be packed! Well my friends if this is what you hate about movies then you need to move to an other state. My sister Lori said that it was only like that in Utah, but I didn't believe her - now I do.

The other day we decided on the spur of the moment that we would use some free movie tickets that we had. We checked the movie time and we only had 40 minutes to make it to the theater to see the new movie Surrogates (by the way, dumb movie, don't waist your time or money).
We were worried we wouldn't get tickets or seats but when we got there this is what we found.

Terrible picture I know, but the theater was empty. I'm over on the left, but you can't really see me.

This is what time it was, 9:37, the movie started at 10:00.

A few more people ended up coming a couple minutes before it started but for a good 5 minutes we were all alone at a movie that had just been released. Crazy world this is! We're just happy that we don't have to stress about getting tickets to movies from now on. :)