Thursday, June 17, 2010

We Made It!

Well it's been almost a weeks since we got to Utah. Things are going great, I've been working at my dad's shop doing Secretary work and Clint has been busy getting us settled into our room at my parents house. We like things so far and can't wait for Clint to get a job. Other than that we really haven't done much. We haven't even seen our friends yet, but hopefully by Friday that will all change.

We ended up leaving on Wednesday at 11am after cleaning the apartment and loading the cars. Tuesday night we had the missionaries and some wonderful people from our ward help us load the moving Truck. We couldn't have done it with out them! Thank you to everyone who helped!

On Wednesday we only made it to Chesterton IN which is about 6 hours away. We didn't get any sleep the night before so we were pretty tired by then and didn't want to get hurt. Thursday we had a REALLY long day! We drove to North Platte NE which took us about 16 hours with stops! Let me remind you that I was driving the Jeep and Clint was driving the moving truck so that is 16 hours all on our own. I don't recommend it!

Just before we got to North Platte there was this really cool lighting storm happening. There was so much lighting from all directions that the sky was pretty much lit non stop. Little did we know that the storm we were watching could turn into a tornado any minute. When we checked into the hotel the people at the front desk told us to hurry and take cover in the bath tub until the warning passed. I was so scared! Luckily the tornado didn't touch down where we were and we were safe along with all of our junk.

Friday we drove the rest of the way home which was only 12 hours. Much better than the day before. We moved in the necessities and then headed to bed around 10. Then the next day we unloaded the rest of our stuff at the storage place and attempted to set up our quarters at my parents. I have to say we're pretty comfortable at the Veenker's and they have been great to us.

Now we can't wait to see what the future has in store for us. We miss all of our friends Ohio but already we have met a lot of great people in our new ward. I think this is going to work out!

Friday, June 4, 2010

LIfe just can't be planned

So since I have been very bad at blogging, most of you have no idea what we have been up to in the past few month, well we have had a lot going on so here is a quick update.

Back in April Clint got really sick and had to be admitted to the hospital for 4 days and his recovery time was quite lengthy. Well since he had missed so much school and didn't feel like he could catch up we decided that he needed to take a medical leave from school. So what did this mean? Well since he didn't finish his last semester of his first year he has to wait until January to retake his classes since the classes he needs to take are only offered in the spring. Kind of sucks but we're dealing with it.

Luckily we picked a school that is amazing. They have been so willing to work with us and have bent over backwards doing what ever they can to help. The aren't making us pay for the semester he'll retake, plus if he keeps up his grades they'll still allow him to keep his scholarship. I really am impressed with how kind they have been and we truly feel like we made the right choice in the school we choose.

Originally we had planned to go to Utah for the summer and Clint would do an internship at a law firm in Orem, but since he didn't finish we couldn't do that, so we decided that we would stay in Ohio, work and save money so we could live next year. That was the first plan. Now we are on plan number 7 and this is what we are doing.

We are currently packing up our things and moving back to Utah until January! We will leave on Wednesday and hopefully be in Utah by Friday, but since we know life doesn't always go as planned, we're just going to take it one day at a time and see when we get there.

I'll miss my friends in Ohio but I am SOOO excited to get out of the humidity and be with our family and friends in Utah. We'll be staying with my parents, which is wonderful of them to be willing to keep us. I'll be working for my dad again and hopefully find another part time job. Clint will be doing...TBA. Hopefully he'll find a job soon, because you would never believe how poor you can be with no work and no money. :)

So ya, kind of big news and totally something we didn't plan on, but I think I have finally figured out that life doesn't go as planned. We're good though and Clint is doing great. We can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for us in Utah, maybe we'll get lucky and we'll have a few months challenge free. I know - ya right, but complaining doesn't help, just praying. Thanks to everyone for your support, love and friendship. To our friends in Utah, we can't wait to see you, to our friends in Ohio, God be with you till we meet again. Love you ALL!