Sunday, January 30, 2011

Update Overload

So I FINALLY took all day and updated our blog! I'm sorry I haven't updated things for the last 7 months of our life. I got so far behind that catching up seemed way too time consuming, and trust me it was, but since I consider this my Journal, I knew I had to do it.

So I finished up last semester and did pretty good. Not a 4.0, but good enough grades that I don't have to retake any classes, that's a bonus! Sadly Christmas break was way too short and I've already started a new semester that is going to be quite challenging. So warning, it might be another 3 months until I update the blog again.

Anyway, if you don't care to read the next 22 post, I won't be offended. Enjoy and I hope you're all doing great. We sure are, things are going great for us and as soon as Clint can find a higher paying job, things will be even better.

Jealous Jax

A coule of weeks ago we baby sit my nephew Collin. It was a great time but....we had one jealous dog! Jax doesn't usually demand my time, but he sure wanted it when I was giving attention to Collin. It was SOOO funny.
Anytime I would change Collin's diaper, Jax would come and sit in my lap. Anytime I took Collin he wanted to come too and got really mad if I didn't take him. Anytime I fed Collin, Jax would bark like crazy until I gave him something to eat. No joke, he gained over a pound the week Collin was here. That's like 1/5 of his body weight. If I would play with Collin, Jax would bring me his ball and want me to play with him.
Collin loved to open the fridge and look for food and every time he was in the fridge, Jax would be in there too making sure he got food as well. It was a fun week, but I'm afraid if we ever have kids Jax is going to have a hard time adjusting to not being the baby. It was so funny to witness! We sure love you Jax!

Can you see Jax in my lap? This is when I was reading stories to Collin, Jax came and wanted the good spot on my lap! Such a funny dog!

Party with Friends

Our friend Andrew had his birthday and we tagged along with the group. We had dinner at Smashburger's and then went and watched the movie True Grit. It was a great night and we of course had a ton of fun!
In case you are wondering what that tube thing is, it is this really weird tube that you get in and wind blows like crazy. Don't ask me why Robin loves this so much but he does.

New Years at the Cabin

Like every year we went to the Cabin for New Years. It was SOOO cold, when we got there it was -4 degree's fahrenheit. Some of the other family had gone to the cabin on Tuesday and it was a blizzard the entire week. We went up on Friday and it was snowy when we got there but when we woke up on Saturday we had nothing but blue skies, we picked a good time to go. That is why I only have pictures of the night because we were out side most of the day on Saturday snowmobiling and other stuff and I forgot to bring the camera with me. Oops. We had a great time eating (like always), playing games and watching movies.

Merrry Christmas 2010

Christmas this year was wonderful like it always is. Everyone but Scott and Andrea were at my parents. Scott and Andrea were in Peru with Andrea's family. Andrea's dad took a job in Lima so they went down to visit him.
Anyway we started the day off with my family with breakfast, presents and the Nativity. Such a great day.

After we were done with my parents we went to Clint's families house. Everyone but Coleton was there, he is working in Georgia right now, we sure missed y0u Khol.
We spent the night there having dinner, opening presents and enjoying each other. Thanks for a great Christmas everyone!

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Clint's Present

Clint got the present that he always wanted this year for Christmas. A HUGE poster of Jacob from Twilight. His work had a secret santa exchange and someone there must know him VERY well!

Christmas Eve 2010

Christmas Eve was a GREAT night. We went to my sister Lori's house with lots of food and games and just had a blast!
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Opening Presents

After Scott and Andrea got home from their honeymoon they came over and opened presents. It reminded me of how much fun it was getting so many presents. I wish we could have a reception every 5 years so that we can always have new fun things. Don't you agree?

Thanksgiving 2010

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Scott & Andrea Veenker's Wedding 11/2/2010

November 2, 2010 Scott and Andrea were married in the Mount Timpanogous Temple. It was such a beautiful day and we were so happy that we could celebrate it with them. Congrats guys, you're going to be an amazing couple.

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Bradley's Baptism

I can't believe that my nephew Bradley is eight! In our religion when you turn 8 you are baptized and become a member of our church. We had a great time celebrating his specially day with him and our family. Congratulations Bradley, we love you and we're so proud of you for making this decision.
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Corn Belly's 2010

What do you do in October? Of course you have to go to the corn maze at Corn Belly's. We got a big group of people together and had a blast! Thank goodness our friend Mary had a phone with a picture of the maze and once we had her to lead us out, we were fine, otherwise I think we still might be there. It was a hard one!

Andrea's Showers

Here is my new sister-in-law Andrea, love her to death! Here are pictures from her different showers she had.
This is her first shower. We did a "Pampered Bride" shower for her that turned out great, she got lots of fun stuff and we had a lot of fun. Thanks for those who came.

Andrea's sister Angie threw her a bachelorette party. We kept it PG-13, and it was STILL a blast! Angie had yummy foods, great decorations and of course we had a ball embarrassing Andrea, great night!

For her last shower me and my sister's threw her a family shower so she could meet some of Scott's aunts and cousins. We had GREAT food, good company and amazing presents that Andrea didn't want to share, oh well, it was still fun.

Clint Turns 30!!!

September 23, 2010 Clint's turn came to turn 30. We had a small little get tother with the Jensen's and my sister and brother-in-law Lori and Kyle. We went to Carrabba's (Clint's favorite restaurant) and then came back to our place and watched the Office and had birthday cake. It was a fun night!

Veenker Gomez Party

In September my mom decided that the Gomez family (Andrea's family) needed to meet the ENTIRE Veenker family so we had a little dinner. Of course it was fun and I'm sure the Gomez's thought that we were a bunch of crazy people, but we REALLY like them so it doesn't really matter. Thank you Gomez's for being such amazing people and sharing Andrea with us, we LOVE her!

Scott & Andrea

Here is the happy couple hanging out one day. Scott was washing Andrea's hair and I couldn't resist taking a picture.
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Meeks Family Photos'

In August Clint's brother Coleton came from Georgia for a visit so had family pictures taken. My sister-law Katie took them and I think that she did a FABULOUS job! Thanks Katie.

Check out her blog, she's amazing!

Out Night With Veenker Siblings

Back in August most of my sibling their spouses and my parents got together and went to dinner at Costa Vida and then headed to the movie theater to watch Inception. We had a great time! Thanks everyone!

Jen Turns 30!!!

Yes it's true, I am no longer young. On August 6, 2010 I turned the big 30 and you know what, it was great and I really don't feel as old as I thought I would.
First off for my present from Clint. He had taken my wedding ring into the jewelers' at got it all spiffed up for me. It looked SO nice and I was so happy to have it back and wearing it instead of the cheap one I had been wearing from Walmart that started to turn my finger green. Thanks Clint, too bad now it's 6 months and it needs to be done again.

Clint threw me a party and a few of my nice friends came. My friend Robin had the most amazing creative mind and came up with a game for me called "That's Jentertainment!"

We had six different categories we competed it.
1.Jen shaken...not stirred and on the rocks
2.Could you please pass the Jen's favorite food.
3. Jen the bread winner
4.Jen on high school night. (In side Joke, Robin wanted to go to studio 600 and FINALLY after nine years Teresa (Robin's wife) and I agreed to go. Unfortunately (for Robin, not me) it was high school night and there was NO way we were going to hang out with a bunch of high school kids.
5. Jen in bed, kind of
6 Jen and Jen

Here is the poster with the different categories.

Ok #1 - Jen shaken not stirred (no picture sorry). So my favorite drink is Diet Coke with Lime. So Robin had 12 different drinks everything dark and carbonated from Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Root bear and everything in between. So Clint and I were competing against each other and we had a 12 cups filled with all the soda's and who ever picked the "Diet Coke with Lime" wins! Less than 5 seconds I had it picked!

#2 Could you please pass the Jen's favorite food. So if you have ever been to Magleby's Fresh you know that they have the most AMAZING syrup for there french toast. Well one day we took the healthy Robin with us and he loved it until he found out that it was made with butter. Anyways, since I like the syrup, Robin of course thinks that my favorite food is Syrup and Butter. (It's not by the way!) In this competition we had to come up with a a picture made out of butter and syrup. I won, mine is the bottom left. I had no idea what I was doing, but it ended up looking like the scream character and since Robin loves anything to do with movies, mine one.

#3 Jen the bread winner. Well all of you, or most of you know that my first career is cosmetology. So Robin bought wigs and Teresa and Tamsin had to cut the wigs while the boys were wearing them. I had to judge and it was a very close call, but the Norths won. It was so hilarious watching!

#4 Jen on High school night. So I've been doing Zumba since June and absolutely LOVE it, if you haven't tried it out yet, you really need to. It's the best way to work out, don't be intimidated, just try it! Anyway, for this competition, I had to be the Zumba leader and everyone had to follow me exactly, and if they didn't do it exactly, they were out! Super fun!

#4 Jen in bed kind of. This one was quit interesting. Well like most women, I like to read cheesy romance books. Then the next part was an other inside joke (lets face it, the whole game is based on inside jokes). A couple years ago we were at Robin and Teresa's and I asked for a blanket, Robin went and got it for me and by habit (because he does it for Teresa), he started "tucking me in." Of course we laughed for ever about it and still do.

Anyway so for this one, Nick and Tamsin had to swaddle me up like a baby and ready me passages from a cheesy romance book.

#6 Jen and Jen. So I admit, I like Jennifer Anniston. Robin of course thinks she is my favorite actor and is always giving me a hard time about it. This competition he was going to prove to me that I have seen all of movies. I'm sorry I don't remember exactly how this competition went, but I think that Teresa and Clint had to name movies of Jennifer Aniston's back and forth and who ever could come up with the most won. Then Robin had a list of all of her movies and no surprise, I haven't seen half of them. Robin on the other hand can't say the same thing.

So after cake and ice cream and a movie that was it! The big 30 had come and gone, it was a great birthday and I want to thank Robin and Clint for putting it together. I had a great time!

The guests, Robin and Teresa Jensen, Clint, and Nick and Tamsin North. Thanks for coming!

Creepy picture of me I know, my eyes are all weird, but it's the only one I had with the cake.