Thursday, May 24, 2012

Miss Veenker 2012

Well it's hard to believe that last Friday night we had our 5th Miss Veenker pageant.  It was a success as always and all of the girls did such a great job, like always.  If you have no idea what the Miss Veenker pageant is, you can check out some of our other pageants Here, Here and Here (even though the last "here" is just one picture). I don't have a post from our first year, but I should do that because it's really fun to look back and see how much these girls have grown over the years.  One thing is for sure, it's time for new decorations!  If the girls didn't change so much from year to year, you would never know which year was which.  Last year we did it outside and it was so much fun, the pictures looked better, we had more space to move and the temperature was perfect.  This year we were going to try and have it outside again, but it had been raining all day and was slightly on the cold side, so inside again for us.

We had 3 categories, Talent, PJ, and Evening Gown.  We had a variety of talents this year, a magic trick, cheer routine, piano, violin, dance and a hula performance.  We had 3 new girls join us this year and lost one, apparently McKinsey is too old for this or something?  Who knows, we sure missed you though!  We had Jessica who is my cousin's daughter, Chloe who is another cousin's daughter and Boston who is my niece on Clint's side.  It is so fun to see all of them get along so well and be brave enough to perform in front of a group.  I just love them all!

The group after the crowning.

 We had a "licious" theme going on this year, so all of the awards ended in licious.  It makes it easier for the "judges" to come up with awards if we have some kind of theme.
 Afton did a piano number and had some fancy finger work going on throughout the night, even when the piano was no where in site.  During her modeling time, she showed us how those fingers could fly!  The cutest thing was the flip of her braids when she bowed after her piano performance.  So she got the "Miss Flip-o-licious" award.

 Ami is my sister-in-law Andrea's sister and has joined us for the pageant for the last 3 years!  It's crazy that Scott and Andrea have known each other that long.
She did an amazing Clogging routine that she choreographed herself!  She did such a great job and received the "Miss Clog-o-licious" title.

It was so much fun having Boston with us for the first time.  She doesn't have any cousins (yes, at all!), so it was fun having her join our family and being around so many girls. She did the most amazing magic trick!  We were all in awe of how she did it!  She received the
"Miss Magic-licious" title.

Brooklynn is now 13 and I am just amazed at what a marvelous young women she has turned into. Even though she is getting older, she still participates and doesn't complain (at least that I know of).  She was such a big help this year with helping me do hair.  She has the prettiest long hair, so she was awarded the title of,
"Miss Locks-o-licious"

Chloe is my cousin Andrea's daughter.  When I told Chloe about the pageant at one of our family dinners, she got super excited about it and wouldn't stop bugging her mom about when it was going to be.  I hope it lived up to her expectations because we loved having her with us.  She did a wonderful Hula Hoop routine and just when we thought she was going to loose the hula hoop, she amazed us all by keeping it up, even when it was around her thighs!  She was crowned 
"Miss Hula-licious."

Hailey had a rough night and only made it through the talent and PJ portion of the night.  But she still did a great job.  She played her violin and amazed us all with the progress she's made in the last year. If you look REALLY closely, you can see that she is wearing Tinkerbell pajamas, that earned her the title of 
"Miss fairy-licous."

Jessica is my cousin Richards daughter.  It was such a joy having her with us for the first time.  She gets along so well with all of the girls, and we love seeing her fun personality.  She did the cutest cheer dance!  She had music, moves and the cutest outfit.  She was crowned "Miss Cheer-o-licious"

Oh, Alexis, this girl can bring a smile to anyone's face!  Whether it's the funny comments she makes, her incredible dance moves, or her spunkiness coming out on the catwalk, she lights up the room and brings so much energy.  She received the
"Miss Spunk-a-licious" title.

Liberty always comes to the pageant with the funnest talent.  She is so creative, just like her mom  - a dance number from Liberty will never disappoint.  This year she performed the funnest dance.  She wore a cute summer outfit, and accessorized it with sunglasses and a beach ball.  She dance to the song "Summer Belongs to You" by Phineas and Ferb.  So cute!  She was crowned,
"Miss summa-licious."

Mya always does a great job on her talent, but this year she blew me out of the water with her violin skills!  You may or may not know that I grew up playing the violin and at one time I was an OK violinist (not so much any more, it's totally true what they say, if you don't keep up your talent, you're going to loose it!).  Mya played a violin number by Taylor Swift, and oh my goodness!  I don't think I could have ever done it.  I only played boring classical or church music.  I think I would have had a lot more fun practicing if I would have been smart like Mya and played songs that I liked.  She is amazing!  She was crowned,
"Miss Vi-o-licious."

After the crowning and pictures, I had the girls change back into their PJ's and we had a little dance.

Then came the good part, ice cream sundaes.

Most of the girls spent the night, but some some of them weren't able to stay, we sure missed them.  Before they fell asleep, we watched the movie Mr. Popper's Penguins. The girls seemed to enjoy it.  We didn't get to bed until after 11:00 and they were up bright and early by 7:00 the next morning.  I feel really bad saying this, but I'm sure glad I am the aunt and not the mom so that I didn't have to spend the day with them.  I know that I was ornery the next day, so I can only imagine what they were like ;).  Sorry mom's, but at least the girls had a good time!.

Thank you to all those who participated, the mom's who helped out with hair, make-up, getting the sundae stuff together and all that you do to make the pageant possible.  And a big thanks to my mom for helping me out with EVERYTHING.  She allows us to have the pageant at her house, helped me make breakfast in the morning and helped me make the sashes, plus so much more.  You're the best mom and I sure do love you!