Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What can I say?

We've had a very eventful couple days.  Yesterday (Tuesday April 28th) we got a call from Clint's mom about 4:45am telling us that we needed to get to the Hospital as soon as possible because Clint's dad was going down hill very fast.  We got out the door as soon as we could, picked up Clint's brother Coleton and made it to the Hospital about 6:20, five minutes after his dad passed away.

After fifteen-months of fighting cancer, he's body just couldn't fight off all the problems that were going through his body.  We are very sad for the loss of Jim, but know that he is in a better place with out pain and suffering.  Jim was always such a great father-in-law.  I've been so blessed to be part of this amazing family.  I love them all dearly and will miss Jim so much.

Clint has been such an amazing rock for his mom and siblings through this whole event.  He  has been with his mom since yesterday as much as possible.  We've all been so busy with funeral plans and even though it's been only a day, it feels like it's been a couple weeks.  With Clint's graduation on Friday, with us trying to get our house on the market, and now funeral plans, we will be very busy and may go a little crazy!

If anyone is interested there will be a viewing on Sunday May 3rd from 6:00-8:00 at the Lindon Central Stake Center.  50 E 600 N, Lindon.  Then there will be an other viewing Monday May 4th from 11:00-12:45 and then the funeral will be right after at 1:00 at the same building.  We'll miss you so much Jim!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Boo Hoo to the "U"

We'll it official.....

.....We're Moving!!!

We don't know when, we don't know where, but Clint got the letter we have been waiting for. His rejection letter to the "U"

From the beginning I was kind of hoping that he would choose to go out of state for school, but now that we have to go to school out of state, I'm really scared!!! I'm also having major anxiety attacks about selling our house, finding a new place to live, finding a new job, and dealing with the thought of not having ANY family around! I've lived in Utah County my entire life and I'm just not sure how I'm going to function out of this bubble I've lived in for the last 28 years. Lots of people do it all the time and say they are happy they did it, but will I ever be one of those people?

The good news is I know this is the right thing to do and that there is some reason we are meant to leave Utah, but finding out the reason why is going to be REALLY hard. Oh well, I've made it through other trials in my life, I'm sure I can make it through this one as well.

P.S. Does anyone know anyone who is looking for an amazing town home to buy?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

So how does the weather go from being so beautiful on Sunday, to this today?
It's April 15 for goodness sakes! I'm one who loves the snow and loves when it does snow, but not in the spring! Come on! Anyone else agree with me that we need to have a talk with mother nature? If it's the moisture she's trying to give us, fine, then have it rain. The white stuff is meant for Winter time, not Spring!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

We had a pretty good Easter this year. Nothing too fancy and exciting, just a nice beautiful day with family.

I made these little gift bags for our Sunbeam class. They were pretty excited about them.
Afton made Jax's day by playing tug-a-war with him.
Mya, she's such a funny girl.
Clint and Brit
Along with celebrating Easter, we celebrated Caleb, Libby, and my cousin Carly's birthday.

Caleb got new baseball gloves
Libby got a new swimming suit and swimming coat thingy. My mom never use to pick out cute clothes for me when I was young, now she has great taste and is always getting the grand kids the cutest things! Something is not fair here.

And the Hunt Begins!!!


Hayden, and even Jax wanted in on the fun.
Now that Caleb is 13, he's way to old to participate in this kind of thing, but he did get to hide the eggs. I'm sure he thought that was pretty cool.
Lexi showing off her goods.
Bradley, it was way too bright to look at Clint.

So I am always amazed how much Jax grows from month to month. Here he is this year...

...And here he is last year. He was so little! Not like he's really big now, but wow, he was tiny!
Afton, Libby, and Lexi jumping on the tramp.
Mya and McKinsey playing house. Just kidding Kinse.
The boys playing B-Ball

WOW they can jump!!!


Ok, so maybe they can't jump that high.

The model Afton
McKay could care less about playing with the cousins, he just wants to play on Grandpa's toys.
Doug, Lexi, Mya, and Libby taking turns on the swings
Now this was funny. Jax found Brit so interesting. Cricket has a picture of Jax actually on top of Brit licking him.
He just couldn't figure out why he would make that kind of noise.
Jax: "Hey big guy, put that little thing back down on the ground so he can play with me."
He was pretty worn out after taking care of Brit.
The newest addition to the family, Collin Jay. He's Lori and Kyle's. Born on April Fools Day.
Collin and Brit meeting for the first time. The funniest thing about this whole thing was Lori's little girl Lexi. She kept asking her mom, "Mom, do you know which one is ours? Mom don't get them mixed up. Mom are you sure that one is ours?"
They are only a month or so apart from each other, but Brit is so much bigger! No worries though, if Collin is anything like his other brother's and sister, he'll catch up in no time.
As soon as Lori saw Jax coming, she was very quick to get Collin off the ground.
I was attacked this day. You may be thinking attacked by a cat, Jax, or even one of the nieces or nephews? You would be wrong, it was a lamp shade! Don't ask me how, I just know that it hurt really bad!

We ended our day with a trip to the U to see Clint's dad. Clint said that he as made a turn for the worst since he last saw him Wednesday. I sure hope that he will be able to get better soon, all this up and down can be very draining on everyone. We love you Jim and Patti and are praying for you all the time! Hang in there.

On our way to pick up Jax from my parents, our Jeep started making some really funny noises. Great! Just what we need is an other expense. Luckily my dad was able to fix the problem the next day for $45. Thanks dad! You saved us!

And that was the end of our Easter. It went by way to fast, but is sure was nice to visit with family and enjoy the much needed sunshine.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

YEAH for Clinton James! After six to seven years (who can remember that long ago?) Clint is FINALLY graduating from Utah Valley University. It took some time figuring out what he wanted to do, but once he decided that law is his passion, he finished up rather quickly. He still has 3 more weeks of finals and a few final projects, but on May 1st he'll get his Bachelors in Business!

Congratulations Clint!!!

It's been a long journey and I'm so proud of you. You're a great husband and I couldn't ask for anyone better! Thanks for all you do and being my best friend! I Love You!!! 143!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Holi - Festival of Colours

A couple weeks ago our friends the North's invited us to the Hare Krishna temple, just down the road from us, for the Holi-Festival of Colours. What is that? I'm not completely sure, other than you get throw colored corn starch at people and get very messy. It was a blast! I am feeling really lazy and don't feel like describing the whole event, so if you're interested my friend Tamsin has some great information on her blog if you want to know more. Here are some pictures of the crazy event.

The 6 of us in the car off to the event

One of the before pictures

Clint and me in front of the Temple

The group and some other random people in front of the temple

The crowd that came. Mostly BYU and UVU students.

Some of the Dancers
Robin and Teresa Jensen (Robin is just so excited for this! He really wasn't.)
Tamsin and Nick North
Holika before she was burned, ya crazy stuff here.
Clint and Jen Meeks, as if you didn't know

Bags of color stuff that we will shortly be throwing at each other, and at security officers if you're Nick.

Some pretty dancers
Holika burning, and the other color you see is the bags of color. It was amazing to see! So cool!

Explosion of color being thrown

And some more
And even MORE

What it looked like being in the middle of the explosion
And our after picture.
Clint and me, you should have seen the shower! A rainbow of colors went down the drain.
A view from the top of the hill, and this after things had settled down.
Well that was it. We were one of the first to get to our cars and because there was lack of someone to direct traffic, it took us close to an hour to get out of the place! What a mess, but is sure was fun.