Friday, April 6, 2012


Yes, I bet you are surprised to see a post from me!  I just wanted to check in just in case you were wondering if we are still alive, well...we are!  I know it's been 8 months since my last post and I need to be punished for that.  Hopefully one day I'll be able to fill you in on everything that has happened, but for now I'll just give a quick highlight of what's been going on.

During the summer we had a great time with my sister's family boating at Utah Lake.

In August we had the annual Miss Veenker Pageant

 During the fall I spent my Wednesday nights playing softball with Mom's Team.  95% of the team is family, hence the name, "Mom's Team"  My mom is our sponsor.

September 23 Clint turned 31!  Wow we're getting old!

In October my sister-in-law took some awesome adoption profile pictures for us.  Nothing has happened with the adoption process yet.  We will hopefully be moving in the next couple months from my parents and then we'll start the process.

On November 16, 2011 we celebrated our 10th anniversary.  We spent the entire day together!  We FINALLY got iPhones, went to lunch, went to the temple, and then went to dinner at The Copper Onion in SLC, if you have never been there, GO, it's so yummy!  It's been an amazing 10 years growing, moving, going through trials and enjoying life with each other.

In November (I think that's when it was) I was put into the Young Women as the secretary but was soon fired and asked to serve as the Mia Maid adviser.  I absolutely love this calling!

In January Clint and I took a quick one night, one day trip to Saint George Utah.  It was nice to get away.

We said goodbye to our first car in December.  The engine completely died on us so we said farewell.

 In February I went to Time Out For Women with my friend Shantel and sister-in-law Mariah.

 The end of February to the middle of March Clint went to India for 3 weeks for work!  It was the longest and quickest 3 weeks I've ever experienced.  Hopefully he never has to go again.  This is a picture of us Facetiming.  The only way we could talk.

 While Clint was in India I went to the cabin with my family to go snowmobiling.  Such a good time!

In March I attempted my first 5K.  It's a pretty bid deal for me.  I'm not a runner!  Even when I was on the basketball team I couldn't run for long distances.  I had to stop a few times to walk, but hopefully by the end of the summer I'll be a pro at the 5K.

And that about covers the major things.  I'm sure I am forgetting things, so if I am, I'll get to that next time.  We are doing good, Clint is enjoying being a project manager at Property Solutions, I applied for the Dental Hygiene program at SLCC, but it doesn't start till Fall of 2016, so we'll see if that still happens.  I have been trying to finish up some classes that I needed to take in order to get my associates, and by the end of April I'll be done with those!  It will be so nice to have a break from school for awhile.

Like I said earlier, we are hoping to buy a house in the next couple months so hopefully we'll be out of my parents hair and on our own again in the near future!  I can't wait!  And that about sums up our life.