Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Welcome Friends and Family

 Welcome to our home!  I am finally done un-packing, for the most part and the decorations are some-what up, so I feel a little more comfortable showing you what our house looks like.  We love it and every day it feels more and more like home.  Now pictures don't do it justice, so if you want the "real" experience, you'll just have to come visit us!

There is a picture of the front of the house on one of the previous post.
 When you first walk in the front door this is what you see, on the right is the living room, then stairs going up stair and to the basement, and then you walk into the great room with the kitchen on your right.

 A glance at the our old living room couches that we've had since we've been married, it's time to retire them, but I don't know what I'd put in the room if I did.

Here is the view from the hallway looking at the front door.

 Another view of the front door from the dinning room.  And here is a little game for you, Jax wanted to be in most of the pictures so instead of playing "Where's Waldo,"  I give you, "Where's Jax."

 OK, so here is the kitchen, my favorite room in the house, I love that I have so many cupboards and room to cook!

 The view of the family room from the kitchen.

 Terrible glare from the window I know, but a look at my new couches and Clint.

 Family room again, just at different view.

The door on the left is my very small pantry which I don't love because it's small, the door that is open and to the right is the half bath/laundry room and the door in the middle goes out to the garage.

 1/2 bath/laundry room.  I REALLY dislike the laundry room because it's so small.  But so far we've made it work.

 OK, we've now gone upstairs.  Stairs are to your right, an empty room after the stairs, the bathroom straight ahead the guest room/office to the left of the bathroom.

 Just a typical bathroom.

Office/guest bed, I'm not sure how many guest we'll be having seeing as all of our family lives in Utah, so please come visit us so that we don't have a guest room for nothing!

 I forgot to take a picture of the view from the extra bathroom, but if I did it would led into master.  It is a huge room with a wall and fireplace separating the master bedroom from the master suite.  Well since we don't really need a master suite, I'm making it my craft room/sewing room/library/storage room/red chair room.  Here is the view of the room from the door way.

 Our library and wrapping paper corner.

 The fireplace and bookshelf wall, you can kind of see the master bed to the right of the fireplace.

I'm standing in the corner of the master looking towards the master suite, hallway and the stairs.

 The view of master from the bathroom.

 View of master from the door way.

 And the master bath, the tub is my favorite!  It's so nice having a soaker's tub!  The closet is behind me.

We also have an unfinished basement, but I didn't take pictures of that, I figured that if you've seen an unfinished basement, then you've seen one that looks like ours.

And there you have it.  We love it, feel like we got a great deal and it was move in ready, total bonus for us since we're not the most handy people.  The neighborhood seems like we'll fit right in, once we get to know people a little more.  So come see us if you're ever in the neighborhood!