Sunday, March 28, 2010

WARNING!!! Ring Around the Rosy is DANGEROUS!

Ok so I know I promised a post, but this week was not the week to do it, you wouldn't think that it would be such a big deal to update my blog, but when I think of everything I have to update you on, I get too stressed and just forget the whole thing. But today something in nursery happened and it was such a dramatic thing that I have to share it now before the adrenalin of it wears off.

So we were trying to pass the time in Nursery today so I decided to get a group of kids together to play the good old rhyme of "Ring Around the Rosy." Everything was great and the kids were loving it, until we got to the "we all fall down." And instead of going straight down, one of the boys thought it would be much more exciting if he jumped up in the air first. Well just as he did that he hit my tooth REALLY hard. I was fine but I wanted to make sure Johnny was ok, so I grabbed his head and he started bleeding like CRAZY! You know how heads bleed way more than any other part of the body. Well me and one of the other Nursery leaders held his head so he didn't bleed all over while one of the other girls ran and got his mom. Of course she was quite panicked and wanted to rush him to the ER as quickly as possible, but our ward is AMAZING and we have all the medical help that we would need right at our finger tips. So two of the doctors checked him out and the wound finally stopped bleeding after one of the Doctors tied his hair together to close it. (Isn't that a great idea? Where do they come up with things like that?)

Well while all of this was happening in the foyer I just broke down and started crying, probably more because of the week I've had and just couldn't take it any longer and probably because my Sympathetic Nervous System finally had a chance to calm down leaving my tears close to the surface. It's a great thing that I have such great friends in my ward to give me hugs and let me know that I'm not a terrible person and that I won't get fired from Nursery.

So there you have it, my exciting news for the day. I never thought the Nursery could be so exciting and cause such a commotion. Just goes to show that you should go to church every week because you never know what could happen! :)

Friday, March 19, 2010


So Clint and I have been in Orlando for the last week and have been without internet for the whole time until now, while we are waiting at the airport for our flight home. I never realized how dependent I was on it. It's amazing how much I use it to look up little things, like the weather, movie times, a map, and the nearest restaurant. Isn't the internet the best invention ever? I think it has to be one of the best at least.

I know I have been a total slacker on blogging but hopefully that will change. I've been going to school this semester and with that and being obsessed with Gilmore Girls, my attention to the blogging world has been slim to none. I only have one more season of Gilmore Girls and then I will have watched all 7 seasons and I can turn my attention to more important things like updating the world on what has been happening since December. I have my work cut out for me but eventually I will be caught up. Stay tuned!