Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We're still Here!

So you may, or may have not noticed that I've been quite the slacker on blogging, but I do have good excuses for my laziness. So let me just give you a quick update on what we've been up to.

I started school at UVU at the end of August which keeps me really busy. I'm STILL working on finishing my pre-reqs for dental hygiene and I'm happy to announce that after 3 years I will FINALLY be finished with my pre-reqs next semester, if I can pass my courses this semester and next semester. This semester I'm taking Microbiology and Chemistry. Both are difficult but thankfully I'm only taking these two classes or I would be really drowning. So far I'm doing ok and hopefully I can continue to do well in those classes.

I have also been working part time for my Dad and Uncle at their metal casting company, Intermountain Precision Casting. I LOVE working there, I just wish I could get some more hours, but all is well. I do receptionist work and other random duties to keep me busy.

Clint got a job at Property Solutions In August (maybe it was the end of July, I can't remember). It is a software company that makes software for management companies like apartments and stuff like that. He works with customers on getting their website set up and helping with software problems. He likes it, but just wishes it would pay more. He is currently working on trying to find a part time job so that SOME day we can move out of my parents house and go back to school, so if any of out there in the world needs a smart, reliable, great worker, give him a call!

We also have been called as the Webelos leaders in our ward. Working with the 10 year old's has been lots of fun (most weeks). They are great boys and have already earned a lot of badges. We meet once a week so it's not too time consuming, which is good because I feel like we are already short on that.

My little brother Scott got engaged in August so I have been able to throw Andrea one shower and have one more in a couple weeks. We just LOVE her and couldn't have been happier with Scott's taste in picking his wife. She kind of likes me despite me being very rude to her the first time I met her :). I wasn't trying to be rude but I was asking her all of these questions about herself and was amazed at how wonderful she sounded and I said, "Andrea I think Scott is too good for you!" But what I meant to say is, "Andrea, I think you are too good for Scott," but of course my "Jen" brain messed up and she was rather shocked that I would say something like that to her. Well after millions of apologies I think she has forgiven me and not we are BFF'S!

And that foke's, is how we have been spending our time for the last 4 months that we have been in Utah. Now of course there has been other things like how Clint and I both turned 30, but those things will have to wait for a day when I have access to my pictures and a spare minute. Thanks for being patient and hopefully you'll hear from me soon!