Thursday, July 16, 2009

Veenker Family Reunion "Stay-Cation"

For the Veenker Family Reunion this year we decided to cut cost and have ourselves a "Stay-Cations." It turned out to be lots of fun. Thursday we went to Park City for a day of fun at the resort, or what ever that place is called and then stayed over night.

The second day we Toured the State Capital, played in SLC and then headed out to Bingham Copper Mines. Cool place to see if you have never gone before. We ended the night with the Lindon 14th ward with a BBQ and swimming at the new Pool. (Clint and I missed out on the pool because I was way to fried to be in the sun again.

Saturday was a really fun day with Soda Pop kick ball and an other BBQ at mom and dad's. Then on Saturday night we had a nice dinner with just the adults. It was a great time! I tried a new thing, putting my digital scrapbooking pages on the blog. It took a long time, but hopefully they turned out ok.


Steph and Bran said...

Ouch. Your sunburn looks painful. Cute scrapbook pages though. That's the first time I've seen a digital scrapbook!

Marrott Family said...

Ah Prestwich Farms. Remember when I used to work there? Such fun summer times with fam!! Wish we could have met up when I was there :(

Craig and Cricket said...

love it! The cousins picture on the slide is priceless...such attitude! good times!