Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our First Guests!

Well Clint said that the day would never come and that we would never have visitors, so we wouldn't need to buy a guest bed. Well last week I proved him wrong! Our good friends from Spanish Fork came to visit us. We weren't the only reason they came but I like to pretend that we were so I can feel more loved. :) Unfortunately we didn't have a lot of time to do anything with them. They had a wedding in Columbus on Saturday so we really only had Saturday night and part of Sunday that we could play. It was still lots of fun to visit and it felt like old times. Thanks again Nick and Tamsin for coming to visit, we sure loved having you here.

Here is Nick and Tamsin in the comfy new bed (You could sleep here too if and only if you come to see us! :))

The five of us posing for a pictures. My thumb up means we all are having fun.

We decided to head to Kirtland Sunday before their flight because Nick had never been there. Jax got to go and do his favorite thing, stick his head out the window. I'll never understand him, he likes this, but hates getting his fur blow dried.

The Norths and their engagement pose.

It was such a beautiful day, we couldn't have picked a better day to go.

And finally us!


Carolyn said...

That is a really cozy looking guest bed! Looks like you guys had alot of fun. :)

Sarah said...

Having company (that you like) is always so fun! That day in Kirtland looks perfect. I'm surprised there were still leaves on the trees!

Stepper the Mighty said...

Hahahahah! That post is awesome. I love that you got a pic of T and N in the new guest bed.

They said they had a wonderful time, by the way.

I'm so jealous you guys live so close to Kirtland! What a gorgeous place. You got great photos. Esp. the engagement pose.

Bed looks comfy...may have to come visit...

Cami said...

That looks so fun. I like the reasurring thumbs up to show that you are indeed having a fun time.

Heather and PJ said...

I like your little plug for more people to come and make me laugh. I am glad you had a great time.

Tamsin said...

Aww, we got our own post!

It was SO good to come and see you guys, I CAN HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT (cough, cough). I only wish we had a few more days to play with you. But we'll see you soon in Utah!