Friday, March 19, 2010


So Clint and I have been in Orlando for the last week and have been without internet for the whole time until now, while we are waiting at the airport for our flight home. I never realized how dependent I was on it. It's amazing how much I use it to look up little things, like the weather, movie times, a map, and the nearest restaurant. Isn't the internet the best invention ever? I think it has to be one of the best at least.

I know I have been a total slacker on blogging but hopefully that will change. I've been going to school this semester and with that and being obsessed with Gilmore Girls, my attention to the blogging world has been slim to none. I only have one more season of Gilmore Girls and then I will have watched all 7 seasons and I can turn my attention to more important things like updating the world on what has been happening since December. I have my work cut out for me but eventually I will be caught up. Stay tuned!


Lindsey said...

ummm, please?!?

Stepper the Mighty said...

what?! A post promising more posts? Oooh, cruel cliff-hanger!

Beth, Cody, Morgan, Pepper said...

I am also OBSESSED with Gilmore Girls. I can't wait to put Morgan to bed so I can watch my dvr'd episode from that day. I have watched all the season on repeats so many times it is ridiculous! I want to get all the seasons but now that you mention it, maybe it wouldn't be such a great idea:) I'm sorry Sunday was a little crazy but just know that Morgan thinks you are the greatest, as does everyone else. Every time he sees you or your picture, he says "That is my teacher!", with a huge smile on his face. Hope this week has gone better:)