Monday, May 11, 2009

The Funeral

All in all the day went pretty well. Lots of tears, and laughs but no one had a major break down so we can't complain. We had a viewing on Sunday night and so many people came! Thanks to all of those who came and most of all waiting in the long, slow moving line to see us. It really means a lot to us to have your support.

Monday was the funeral and Clint was one of the speakers. I wish I could speak like him. He didn't have any notes or anything and he just stood up there and did such an amazing job! The service was really nice. We sat on the second bench and I could just picture Jim sitting on the front row, sitting sideways looking at the pulpit and holding Patti's hand behind him. I'm sure he was there and I'm sure he was giving Patti a hug the whole day. She did amazing!

Here are a few pictures of the day. I do have pictures of Jim in the casket, but I didn't want to post them for a couple reasons, but mostly because he really didn't look like Jim. In fact so many people commented on him not looking like himself that after the burial Patti was standing there in a daze and asked me if it was really Jim that we just buried (I'm sure it didn't help that there was a mix-up with bodies at the hospital on the day he died). I had to reassure her it was him and he had his scars and marks that he had before. It's amazing to see that your spirit is really what makes a person, not your body.

Clint and I with Roman and Boston

Clay, Patti and Makell

The family, Jim is kind of peaking through

The Pallbearers (Clint, Enrique, Roman, Clayton, Coleton, Mick and Derrick)

And again at the cemetery. Don't they look good! They all had matching lime green ties and those handkerchief things in there pocket.

Mariah, Boston, Patti and Makell
The family at the grave site

Here they come

And a again, isn't Roman just so cute holding his dad's hand
Almost there

The casket

Getting a ready for a family picture
And the final family picture


AmberlyGreen said...

I am so sorry to hear of you loss. Our prayers are with you.

Our Family said...

Thanks for posting these pictures for us to see. We wish we could have attended the funeral but given the distance it wasn't possible. Their hasn't been a day that we haven't thought of Jim and haven't prayed for your family.

Kohl said...

Jen & Clint,

Thank you so much for sharing your lives with the rest of us, it's always so much fun to keep up on what you two are doing.

I wanted to especially thank you for everything you posted about Dad. Everything you said was wonderful. And thank you both for everything that you have done for this family, we couldn't do it without you.

Clint, you are truly your father's son, all though a little bit more of a pain ^_^ In truth though, I see Dad in you through not only your looks, but in your determination, your voice, your smile, and your constant warmth.

Jen, thank you for being a wonderful sister to me, and a daughter to my parents, and for taking good care of Clint. We certainly love you and couldn't have asked for a nicer addition to our little clan.

I just wanted to tell you both how much I love you, and despite the rare occasions we get to spend with one another, I greatly appreciate those times, and both of you.

Thank you again.

Brooklynn said...

Jen, I don't know how to post just a picture on my blog and that is why I don't have anything new posted.

Karleigh Tomlinson said...

I'm sorry to hear about Clint's Dad. That is so hard and just sad! Matt and I send our love to both of you. You both are in our thoughts and prayers!