Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Slacker" is My Middle Name

So I have been quite the slacker the last couple weeks! Usually I have plenty of time at work to update all of you about our exciting life, but I started a project I have been wanting to do for a long time now. I took all my recipes that I've had in my recipe box, all the recipes I've printed off the Internet and just threw in a pile, and some of my favorite recipes from cook books and combined it all into one big binder.

I typed everything into the computer and printed the recipes off and then filed them into different categories! I'm very excited about this. I always struggle trying to figure out what to fix for dinner and when I can't think of anything, we end up just going out. I never realized that I had so many great recipes till I actually started pulling them out of my recipe box. When I would get a recipe, I would file it my box under the letter I thought would be fitting - and never look at it again. Now that I have everything accessible and easy to see, I should be able to be the domestic house wife that Clint has always wanted :).

Any way, now that I've told you my life story about why I'm a slacker, let me fill you in on what's been going on in the last 3 weeks.

It's For Sale!!!

We finally got our house on the market a week later than we would have liked due to the funeral and haven't had much luck. It's only been on the market two weeks, but I still am freaking out because we've only had one showing. I keep telling myself that I need to have faith that it will all work out because we are suppose to move to Ohio. Some times it's really hard though.

Anyway, after reading my friend Janisha's blog, I decided that I needed to get our house on KSL, and make a blog of our house. So if you are interested in looking at it, click here. I don't know if any of you are like me, but I LOVE seeing other peoples houses. I love to see what ideas they come up with. So just don't judge me or mock me if you don't like my house :)

Bridal Veil Falls

Next we decided to take new engagement pictures. Not really, but we were at Bridal Veil Falls the other day, I mockingly made us take cheesy pictures.

Oh Clinty boy, I love you!

Me and my friend Teresa. I sure am going to miss the Jensen's. They have been our friends from the day we got married, seriously! They have had struggles with the kid thing as well, so it's been so nice to have an other couple who knows what we're going through. It's also nice because we still feel like we're in high school and can pretty much plan our night of activities 5 minutes before we leave for our weekend of fun.

Clint and Robin, they sure act tough...

...but they're really not. So when I said that we still act like we are in high school, this is proof. Clint is fondling Robin, and Robin's hand is on his way to Clint's behind. BOYS, they keep us young and make us laugh.

Roman's Birthday Party

We had one of our nephews birthday party a couple weeks ago. It was such a nice day! Here are some fun pictures to document the day.

Some of the guest playing that weird, but fun game that you through balls and try and get close to the first one?

The cake. Clint's sister Makell made this! Doesn't it look great!

Makell, Patti and Clay. I love this one!

Clint talking to Jax

Jax was so good to just let the kids smother him.

Roman wanted his Uncle Clint to hold him.

He, Clint, made quit the mess.

And for payback, Mariah told Roman to kiss Clint.

Roman, me, Clint and Boston. Has anyone ever gotten a picture of a 2 year old and a 4 year old together looking at the camera, smiling and not being silly? I know I haven't.

Happy Birthday song. This is for you Scott. My brother is in Argentina on his mission right now and he loved when I put a video on my blog of people speaking English, so I though I would put the happy Birthday song on here for him.


rhodesfamily said...

So i checked out your house blog (since i didn't get to see your upstairs...) holy cow-that's a steal of a price! i would think you'd have no problem selling it! geez, did you have it staged or something? it looks like a model home! jen, i was going to see if you wanted to come visit me and see my house sometime soon, but i don't want to be ashamed, so maybe not...j/k really, though, i'd love you to come over.
that's a great idea about your recipe book, too! i've been in a slump lately trying to decide what to cook. you inspire me :) meg

smallthingsbecominggreat said...

I can't believe you will really be going soon! I am sure your house will sell. So with that problem solved, we must ALL get together one last time before you go. Give me a call. 801-616-8108. Heather

Kohl said...

bwah ha ha, how did I escape all of your photography?

Jen said...

You must have not been looking close, because there is 2 pictures of you!