Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dinner Gone Wrong

No unfortunately I'm not here to update you on things, instead I have a funny story.

So tonight the missionaries were coming for dinner but the Devil must have not wanted them to come, because it seemed like everything was against them coming.

First off they were suppose to come at 5:30, well then Clint's Doctor asked him to come to an appointment at 6:00 instead. So we called the missionaries and they said they could come at 4:30, great no problem with that.

Then I needed to study with one of my friends for our Chemistry test tomorrow, so I wouldn't be around during the day to make sure everything was ready to eat by 4:30. Luckily there is this great invention called a Crock Pot, so I threw some chicken in before I left so that it would be ready to shred by the time I got home. I was planning on having Cafe Rio Chicken Salad. I hadn't made the dressing yet so Clint said that he wouldn't mind grocery shopping and making the dressing. Great, one less thing for me to do.

So I'm at the Library studying and decided to call Clint just to make sure the chicken was looking good. He looks in the pot and says, "It looks like some of it's still frozen!." Just then I realized that I had set the temperature to low, but forgot to plug the Crock Pot in, Dumb me!!! I thought, no problem, we can just put it in the oven and cook it faster, it won't be as good but will still work.

So I finish studying and get home at 3:45, only 45 minutes to get the rice, beans and everything else we needed ready. I trust Clint with a recipe but I'm one of those cooks that doesn't follow the recipe, so I wanted to taste the dressing to make sure it was alright. So I tasted a tiny bit, and something was off, I couldn't figure it out, but it was really spicy and just didn't taste too good. So I thought, maybe it needed more garlic. (Here comes the funny part.)

Clint said that he had used all the garlic I had. At this point I was thinking to myself, I swear I had more than 2 garlic cloves in the fridge. Just then Clint says, "Two garlic cloves is two whole garlic's right?" I busted up laughing because I realized that he had but it 2 whole garlic bunches in the dressing when he was only suppose to put in 2 cloves! No wonder it tasted so bad! Sadly we had to throw that batch of dressing out because there is no way I was going to let the missionaries talk to people the next day knowing that they had just eaten 5 months worth of garlic.

So I then I had Clint run to the store to get more stuff to make another batch. As he left I took out the chicken to shred it and it still was not done so I said, bag it, we're getting pizza, and that's just what we did. The missionaries showed up at 4:35 and we had the Pizza, Salad and dessert all ready for them. After that everything turned out good and the pizza was defiantly not the best, but at least they won't stink tomorrow.


Jenn and Josh said...

LOL...that was so so funny Jen! I love it....I have had 2 missionary dinners go wrong too, I swear the devil really tries to ruin it...So I LOVE Cafe Rio, and did not know that you can make that...uhmmm sounds so good, I will have to remember that in the future for a dinner get together (you making it of course, but we will bring something too ;)
I am glad it all worked out in the end...can't go wrong with pizza as a back-up...

Nate and Liz said...

Jen, that is hilarious!!! Stuff like that happens to me all the time, so I feel your frustration! :) It's great that you pulled it off!

Janet said...

i have this kind of dinner mishap all too often! that makes me laugh so hard to think of that much garlic in one dressing recipe. clint is such a good husband to do all that. you guys get an A for effort!

Marrott Family said...

I love your blog Jen! You have the best stories....that one totally made me laugh! I have totally did the crock pot unplugged thing myself...but you aren't blonde?! How did the chem test go?? I am super excited for you & your dh goals!!!

Beth, Cody, Morgan, Pepper said...

Classic! I'm sure the missionaries appreciate a store bought dinner every once in awhile. It's not like they get to order pizza every week:) Good thing you like to taste things...that would have been hillarious!

Lindsey said...

that is just so funny! good for you for still making a great deal instead of telling them to just run by Taco Bell!