Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Nephew is Awesome...Here is Why!

So my sister wrote this on her Facebook page and it was just so good that I had to share it with the world. It's one of the million stories that is going to make her rich one day when she sells her book about her kids.

Meet McKay
Here is the story.

Okay, funny story I would like to share that happened today with this child and his 4-wheeler. If you are not intimately familiar with this child, you are definitely missing out. He is the source of much adventure in our home. He came to this earth very upset that he had to begin life as a baby. Did not know this was in the plan and has spent the last three (well almost three) years letting us know he is not happy about it. Today Kyle got him ready for church in his new navy blue suit. #3 child was very excited to show me how handsome he looked in hopes I would realize that now he is grown up, just like dad and his big brother. Kyle finished getting ready and left for church with child #1 to save seats for us. Child #3 was NOT happy to not be included in the seat saving event and really threw a fit when they left. Our church is just down the road and on the way, Kyle realized he probably should have taken a little more time to get himself ready because he noticed he was wearing navy blue suit pants with a black suit coat. He dropped off #1 child at church to save the seats and headed back home to change into something more suitable (and matching). While he changed, #3 child saw his chance. He went into my garage, got out my garage door opener, opened Kyle's garage, hopped on his 4-wheeler, and headed off to church. To get to our church there is a VERY busy road and when Kyle caught up to him he was driving right down the middle of this road in his suit like he belonged there. He had gathered quite an entourage on his travels to the church, a lovely neighbor girl had seen him and was chasing after him, as well as our former bishop who, on his way to church, seen child #3 and thought something was not quite right. After Kyle finally go this child to pull over, he sternly reprimanded him and drove him home then conveyed the story to me, between bursts of laughter. Oh boy are we in for it with this kid! By Lori Christensen


Jess, Keira and Telyn said...

What a wonderful story! I was laughing my head off :)

Stepper the Mighty said...

Oh man.

This is the kind of situation where you have to decide: Do I panic and have a heart attack, or do I laugh and take a picture?

mom made the right call!

He certainly does look grown up in that suit (on a 4 wheeler!!!)

Jenn and Josh said...

Oh my goodness that was hilarious, that will be a good story to re-tell when he is older and married