Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Half Way Finished

I can't believe that I've made it to the half way mark of the semester for school.  I don't know why I'm having such a hard time getting motivated to do anything that has to do with school this semester, but I am!  It could have something to do with the fact that I am ALWAYS extremely tired and would much rather take a nap then study, or that I know that this is my last semester of pre-reqs and I just don't really care how I do (which is bad because if I don't get a B in Physiology it won't be my last semester and I'll have to retake it in the fall).  I've already made it half way through this semester, I just hope I can make it half way through the rest of the semester.  Not that you're interested, but let me tell you about the classes I'm taking.

Zumba - I like this one, but for a one credit class and an Elective PE class, we have quite a bit of homework to do so I don't like that too much.  But it's nice to get my work out done during the day so I don't have to worry about it later.

Chemistry Lab - This as well is a one credit class and there is WAY too much to do for it.  Every time we go to lab we have at least 3 things we need to turn in, sometimes 4 plus a quiz.  Ridiculous, and it's not even that fun.  You would think you get to mix all sorts of cool chemicals together and see them do amazing stuff, but it's pretty much just taking measurements of things and writing down boring data.  But I have to take the class, so I guess I'll have to suffer through it.

Physiology - I go to class one time a week (very nice) for 2 1/2 hours (not so nice) and I really enjoy the subject and LOVE my teacher.  Studying and understanding the concepts I don't love too much, but so far I'm doing OK in the class, there is room for improvement, but good luck with that with the little amount of motivation I have.

Physiology Lab - I have the same teacher as my physiology lecture so I of course LOVE her.  This class is OK, nothing too exciting, but it's required so I have to take it.

Sociology - It is so nice to have an easy class again.  This class is CAKE!  Attendance is required so that kind of sucks, but we have 4 tests a semester and on test weeks we don't have to go to class (I usually go to it two times a week).  Then you can miss 4 times with no consequences so when you add up the amounts of time you actually have to go to class in a semester it's only like 18 times!  Plus the test are SOO easy.  I bought a book for the class (big mistake) and haven't opened it once.  Everything we need to know for the test is given to us and the end of each chapter.  I had a test yesterday and studied for it for about 30 minutes, took the test and got a 37/40.  Not perfect, but it's still an "A" so I don't really care!

Nutrition - I can't say much about this one because it's an online class and I haven't done one thing with it.  OK, I have done an introduction paragraph about my self and a small paper about nutrition (only because there were deadlines) but here I go again, no motivation to get it done!  I'M IN TROUBLE!  I still have half the semester to finish it right :).

Anyway, now you can kind of see why I have been slacking on Blogging again, I'm kind of busy.  But only 8 more weeks and I'll be free again!  Hopefully.


Jenn and Josh said...

yay for the half way mark!!! You can do it, I am praying for you!! All I can say is a big YUCK to chemistry!!!! I had to take like 5 chem classes and hated every minute of it!! I keep hearing about this zumba class, its now starting to get very popular here in Ohio too, I so need to go check it out oneday! School is just tough period I think, but I know you will finish with the grades you need because you are awesome like that!! I will see you this coming week and I SO can't wait!! love ya!

Stepper the Mighty said...

oooh. Online classes were the death of me.