Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Cabin Trip

A couple of weeks ago some of the family was going to the cabin.  It had been since New Years since I'd been and of course Clint didn't want to go (he's crazy and doesn't like it up there), so I decided to take Jax and go by myself.  I'm so glad that I did because I had a BLAST!!!  On Friday the weather was perfect and my dad and I went on a great ride and we were pretty much the only ones on the entire mountain.  The sun was out, the snow was perfect and you would have had to try really hard to get stuck.  

When I was in high school I use to love to go snowmobiling with my dad and brother.  I was pretty good if I do say so myself, and could always keep up with the boys.  I wasn't crazy and didn't do the massive hill climbs they did, but I still could go pretty much anywhere they went.  Well now that I've been married for 9 years I don't really get the chances to go like I use to because now I'm an adult and have responsibilities and Clint just doesn't like going so I would rather be with him.  I proud to say that after 11 years of not really doing much riding other than the occasional ride hear and there, I still got the stuff.  

I forgot how much I love to snowmobile.  If you have never done it, you should, there is something about it that is just so thrilling and exciting, plus you get to go anywhere you want and see so many different areas of the mountains that you wouldn't usually get to see.  It's just wonderful being around God's amazing creation.

Here are some of the pictures I took while I was there.

My mom was babysitting my brother's girls that weekend so they came.  Here is Mya and Afton enjoying some cheese nibs and a little TV. 

Afton was in love with all the snow she could eat.  She went around collecting clumps of snow and saving them for later incase grandma didn't have food she liked to eat. 

 My dad after the ride we went on.

Here is the cabin, there was SO much snow, you had to walk down to the cabin when usually you walk up the stairs to get to the cabin. 

My dad told me that I wouldn't need to keep the heater on in my room on all night, so I didn't (dad's are always right, right?).  Well this is what I woke up to in the morning, 55 degrees.  Burr! 

The day before my mom had a little accident  so this is my dad trying to re-inact what she looked like when he found her.  The only difference is that the bottom ski was resting on her neck and helmet. She was going up a hill and didn't give it enough gas so she was trying to turn it around only instead of turning, it tipped over.  She rolled down the hill and so did the machine.  She wasn't fast enough because the machine caught up to her.  Her body stopped the machine and somehow the ski didn't smash her neck.  She was stuck and couldn't move at all.  Luckily my dad was able to lift the machine up enough for her to crawl out.  It was pretty scary. 

Here are some of the snowborders.  They like to get these massive kite thingies and have the wind pull them all around.  Like wind surfing, but on snowboards.  They were all over this one particular hill. 

 Some of the gang at the top of the hill.  As you can see the second day we were there the weather wasn't quite as nice as the first day, but we still had fun.

Jax had a good time playing in the snow.  Isn't he just the cutest dog you have ever seen! 

My nephew Chris liked having me take action shots of him playing ping-pong 

Not the best picture of me, (ugh) but I love the look on Jax face, "mom stop smothering me!"

Chris found a new friend. 

Two of my nieces Hailey and Afton, they enjoyed their time playing in the loft.  

Picture of Chris from the loft 

Me taking the girls on a little ride.

 Chris pulling some of the girls on a sled with the snowmobile

My happiest moment was when my niece Ellie (standing on the chair) started liking me.  I've been working on her for a year and half and it's finally happened!

If this ever downloads, this is me trying to drive and take a video all at the same time.  It's harder than it looks considering I have to hold the camera in my left hand so my right thump can press the gas.


Heather said...

Looks like you had a great time. I am with you - I think Clint is crazy!

Jenn and Josh said...

That cabin is gorgeous!! That whole trip sounds like right up Josh and My alley, we love stuff like that and love snowmobieling and snowboarding although I have never tried that kite thing but that is something I will have to try out. That is horrible about your moms accident, I am glad she was ok and it wasn't serious. Love that picture of you and Jax too, so cute! I am just so THRILLED that we could see eachother while we were out in utah, someday we will move back out there by Josh's family then we can party all of the time at the cabin ;)

Ashley said...

cute blog! glad I found it!

Steve and Jen said...

looks like so much fun! I love the mountains!

Katie Veenker said...

Looks fun! Too funny about Afton packing away snow, so true. That kid might learn to eat some day. Glad you and Ellie are pals now!