Friday, July 29, 2011

Mai's Here!

Our Amazing friends the Jensen's had their first baby.  Remember I did a shower for Teresa a couple of months ago?  Well Mai came in May and being the awful aunt that I am I can't remember the exact date.  Sorry Teresa.  She is such a doll and we are just so happy for the Jensen's.  They have been waiting for a LONG time, just like us, to have a baby.  I think that's one reason we get along so well.  We have lots in common and when it came time to do something on the weekend we could call them up a few minutes before  hand and have a night of fun.

Mai is such a good baby.  She doesn't really like to be held all that much and is totally content most of the time to just laying on the floor and playing with her rattle.  It's been so much fun having a fifth person added to our group.  I'm sure it would be a lot more fun if Clint and I had someone we could add to the group, but I guess it's not our time.

So Congrats Robin and Teresa, you're great parents, great friends and we are just so happy that you're in our lives!

I just love Robin's face in the picture on the left.  He wouldn't look at me normal when I took the picture, so just for that Robin, the whole world will get to see your goofy self!

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