Thursday, August 2, 2012

Home Sweet Home

We are FINALLY home owners again!  It was quite a process dealing with a short sale, but it was well worth it.  We got a beautiful home that will hopefully bring us much joy for the next thousand years to come :).  Since it was a short sale, the seller's bank had a lot of interesting things we had to explain.  For instance, when we first applied for the loan, Clint was making X amount.  Well by the time we actually found the house and were approved by the seller's bank to buy the home, he had been given a raise of X amount.  So if you were the seller's bank, wouldn't you think, "Oh the buyer will defiantly be able to make the mortgage payment now that they are making more."  That's what I would think too, we thought that we would be making everyone's job a little easier by giving them this info, but guess what...Instead it just complicated things.  I got an email from our loan Processor Sheri (who by the way was amazing to work with, if you are looking for a loan processor, definitely check her out), who said that the bank was confused on why Clint got a raise.  I wanted to reply and just say he was awesome but I was afraid that would just screw things up, so instead we just mentioned that it was from his 6 month review and a promotion to a management position (which was all true).  I started joking around that I'd get real nervous when they asked me about the sucker I purchased 3 days ago and if I bit into the sucker or if I licked my way to the center, and if I did lick my way to the center, how many licks did it take.  Luckily, it didn't go that far.  Anyway, after climbing through hoops like that, we finally were able to close!  We got the keys late Tuesday night July 31, 2012.

It hasn't really sunk in quite yet, since I tried so hard not to get my heart into this house because of all of the uncertainties since it was a short sale.  I'm really excited now and I'm sure I'll be even more excited once we are unpacked.  You know how much fun moving is, right?  Well this will be our 5th move in the last 5 years so I definitely know that moving is NOT fun!  But we're getting really good at it!

Here is just a sneak peak of the house with Clint and Jax (Jax is the tiny dot that Clint is holding, and PS, this whole thing was meant to be because the title guys name was Jax, he has the same birthday as me, and it turns out, Clint and him are probably related!  Crazy!). I'll post more pictures once we have time to breath and can even think about such a thing, until then, if you're ever in the Ranches in Eagle Mountain Utah, stop on by and say hi! 


Lindsey said...

So glad you are back and blogging! I've missed you!!!

Kristine said...

Congrats! A beautiful house too!

Kim and Heather said...

What a cute little house. I am excited for you.