Saturday, March 7, 2009

Uncle Clint and Aunt Jen, Again.

Well we are an aunt and uncle again. Britt, is Craig and Cricket's new son. He is such a cute kid. He was also quite big! 9lbs 10oz lucky Cricket. Britt makes 18 grandchildren. 9 Nephews and 9 Nieces. My sister Lori will be making it 19 grandchildren in a couple weeks, and my sister-in-law Katie will make it an even 20 in September. It is so much fun being an aunt to so many nieces and nephews. Of course I am the favorite, or at least I keep brainwashing them that I am. Hopefully we'll still be in Utah so that these new comers will get to know there favorite Aunt and Uncle. Welcome to the family Britt, we already love you!

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cricket said...

not to worry jen, we already have an ongoing tape playinig the phrase "jen is my favorite aunt" over and over as he sleeps!! i am sure that will do the trick! cute photo of Clint with Brit. thanks for coming and seeing us.