Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brit's Blessing

On Sunday March 29, 2009 Brit Runner Veenker was blessed. My brother Craig gave such a wonderful blessing to Brit. After we attended Craig and Crickets ward, we went to their house for dinner. Cricket had a very yummy nacho bar! It was such a nice day just to relax and visit with family. Here are a couple pictures of our activity.

The proud parents

Wendy and Dad

Getting ready to eat.

Stockton and KyLee (Don't worry Stockton got his hair cut the next day :))

Libby's cousin (sorry I don't know her name), Libby and McKinsey

The girls table

Ohh, Zach you're so scary

Finally they get to eat!

The girls again playing in Libby's room

Stockton and an other cousin who I don't know (Sorry)

Chris posing for the camera. (He wasn't being so nice before I took the picture :)

McKay found a snowmobile helmet and wouldn't take it off. When he did, his hair was soaking wet.

Waiting for the girls show to start

This was the show...a tea party.

Cheap entertainment. The girls took the table cloths and turned them into capes.

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Brooklynn said...

Jen! I love the blog. I'm almost ready to open my blog or whatever! Anyway that was fun to see that my idea of the table-cloth capes were on your blog! See ya later!!