Thursday, April 9, 2009

Holi - Festival of Colours

A couple weeks ago our friends the North's invited us to the Hare Krishna temple, just down the road from us, for the Holi-Festival of Colours. What is that? I'm not completely sure, other than you get throw colored corn starch at people and get very messy. It was a blast! I am feeling really lazy and don't feel like describing the whole event, so if you're interested my friend Tamsin has some great information on her blog if you want to know more. Here are some pictures of the crazy event.

The 6 of us in the car off to the event

One of the before pictures

Clint and me in front of the Temple

The group and some other random people in front of the temple

The crowd that came. Mostly BYU and UVU students.

Some of the Dancers
Robin and Teresa Jensen (Robin is just so excited for this! He really wasn't.)
Tamsin and Nick North
Holika before she was burned, ya crazy stuff here.
Clint and Jen Meeks, as if you didn't know

Bags of color stuff that we will shortly be throwing at each other, and at security officers if you're Nick.

Some pretty dancers
Holika burning, and the other color you see is the bags of color. It was amazing to see! So cool!

Explosion of color being thrown

And some more
And even MORE

What it looked like being in the middle of the explosion
And our after picture.
Clint and me, you should have seen the shower! A rainbow of colors went down the drain.
A view from the top of the hill, and this after things had settled down.
Well that was it. We were one of the first to get to our cars and because there was lack of someone to direct traffic, it took us close to an hour to get out of the place! What a mess, but is sure was fun.


Brooke said...

Looks like fun!

rhodesfamily said... live in spanish fork??!! what the heck-i thought you moved! so when are you coming over to my house (which just happens to be in the same city! :) anyway, nick and i went to get pizza in salem that night-bad idea! i had no idea this was going on-i'd never heard of it! people were parking literally 3 mi. away to go there. we were really feeling like we missed something amazing. now i see why. sounds like fun :) meg

AmberlyGreen said...

Wow, that is so cool!

cricket said...

I totally want to go to this next time. Do they do it only annually or what? Let me know if hear it happening again. I love it.