Monday, April 6, 2009

April Fools

Oh what a great April Fools Day it was this year! I love playing practical jokes on people, but most April Fools I don't plan in advance soon enough. I work with a guy names Shane who is quite the jokester himself, so I decided to pull all my resources and gang up on him. I also threw my dad into the mix, because it's so fun to prank him. Here are few of the things I did for the day.

If any of you are Office fans, you should recognize this...except I screwed it up and it didn't work so well. I took one of Shane's screw drivers and his spool and put it in a jello mold. I didn't take the jello out right and it just turned into a big blob of goo. Oh well, I still gave it to him.

This is what it should have looked like. Next time I think I'll read the directions.

I wanted to glue some coins to the floor and see if anyone would bend down to pick them up. I had some fabric so when they did, I would rip the fabric and they would think that they ripped their pants. Note to self, if you put it on cardboard and only have pennies and nickles, it won't work.

As simple as it is, this one did the most damage. I put a piece of paper over the laser thingy of Shane's mouse and wrote "April Fools" on it. Well when Shane went to use his mouse it didn't work. He restarted his computer a couple times, did a task manger and it showed that it was working. Then just as he was about to take apart his computer Phil, showed him the note. He had thought that I had unplugged the cord from the computer. He was cussing my name because apparently it's a pain in the butt to plug the thing back in. Mission accomplished!

Next I took a small pin and poked a hole in the lid of his yogurt. I put green food coloring in by placing a dot of food coloring on the top of the lid and tapping the color down into the yogurt. When he opened the lid, he got quite a surprise.

This is what I did to my dad. He just loves our dog Jax. Well on April Fools when dad was leaving for lunch I told him that Jax is coming for lunch and he'll be so sad that he won't get to see is grandpa. This way he would know that Jax was here and that the likely hood of Jax having an accident could be plausible. I then took tootsie rolls and molded them into a very realistic poop.

This may not be realistic for most dogs, but this really is the size of most Jax's poops. When my dad got back from lunch I told him that Jax missed him during lunch. He said, "Ya well you better go into my office and clean up the mess he left. I'm not touching that stuff!" I went in, grabbed it and literally rubbed it in his face. Of course he said that he knew it wasn't real.

This was an other good one. I wish we had more time because we could have really done a great job. We took tin foil and covered as many of Shane's things we could. Have a look.

Computer monitor
Tools and wax molds

Machines and cabinets


Books, chair and Bottles

And even the food in his cooler.

Here is a clip of the video I took when he found the mess. I was trying to hide the fact that I was filming him, so I kind of cut off some heads, sorry.

The only thing that he did to me was put a fart detector under my desk. It's a motion alarm that looks like a smoke detector that goes off really loud. The video is the alarm going off.

The best part about his fart detector is I put it under my dad's desk before he got to work and the whole day my dad thought that Shane had done it so Shane got all the blame for the day! It sure back fired on Shane!

Well that was my day of fun. I'll have to start doing my research now so that next year will be even better.


R-av-olyn Tadd Family said...

oh my gosh! i was laughing out loud while i read that lol. The money on card board was so hilarious. Good job girl!

cricket said...

I can't believe you pulled all of those pranks off. I think my favorite is Jax's poop, except I think you should have just picked it up and put it in your mouth! It sounds like you had a fun day! The tin foil is priceless! Loved it.

Jen said...

I would have ate the poop, but the floor down here at the shop is dirtier than the dump, so I didn't want to die from nastiness.

Susan said...

wow! You are GOOD! Remind me not to get on your bad side. :)