Monday, April 6, 2009

Ohio Baby!

This weekend we headed out to the great Ohio. We wanted to check out Akron and see if it's some place we could live for the next 3 years or more. Clint was also able to check out the school. From what we saw, we liked it. Clint really didn't have anything to compare the school to, but it seemed nice.

Here he is in front of the school. We didn't get any other pictures of the school, now I wish we had. The weather was so cold and rainy, we just wanted to be in doors as much as possible.

Friday after we were done with our tour of the school we drove around the Akron area. Before we left I had printed out some homes that would be in our price range. We weren't necessarily looking at the house in it self, but more the neighborhoods. We found some really nice areas, and some not so nice areas.
I had found a couple houses that were pretty much brand new asking $75,000! I figured we could handle that kind of price. As we drove to the house's I can honestly tell you that I was scared for my life! There's a reason houses were that cheap. I'm sure if I would have read the fine print it would say, "We will pay you $75,000 just to live in this neighborhood so we can rob and kill you!" Seriously, it was bad! On the other hand we did find some really nice reasonable inexpensive homes in areas where I wouldn't be afraid to let Jax roam around.
We haven't made our minds up if we will go to Akron or not. We had to but down a seat deposit today and accept the scholarship. We decided to go ahead and do both just to be safe. We haven't heard back from everyone yet and we want to wait for the results from the other schools before we make a big decision like this. Akron is now our back-up school if nothing else Clint is interested in accepts him.

Clint's mom is really hoping that the U accepts him. Clint and I have mixed feeling about it. It would be really convenient to go to the U, we wouldn't have to move, I wouldn't have to find a new job, and we would still have puppy sitters we know. On the other hand, I am worried that there will be too many distractions around that would refrain him from doing his best at law school. So I guess we'll see what happens.

On Saturday we decided to head north 45 miles and check out Kirtland. This was Clint's first time and my 3rd. I couldn't believe how much it had changed since I had been there in 2000! I was really confused because things weren't the same as I'd remembered, but it still had the same amazing spirit with a lot of upgrades. Here are a few of the pictures we took.

In front of the Kirtland Temple

The Kirtland Temple. The leaves weren't out yet, but it's amazing how beautiful it still is.

I have a pretty cheesy smile if you ask me.

If you've been to Kirtland before 2002 they have re-done the road. The old intersection is right behind Clint.
The view walking from the visitor center to the Newl K. Whitney store.
The N.K. Whitney store
The visitor center Behind the trees is the Ashery and the saw mill
The first building is the old stable barn. It use to be the ice cream shop. The next building is the Johnson hotel and pub, (I think)
The store again
Inside the store
In the room of "The school of the Prophets"
Joseph and Emma's apartment in the upstairs of the N.K. Whitney Store.
This is the Whitney's home
And at last, the Ashery.

We had such a great time on our trip, it was short but as most vacation are, it nice to just get away. I have one tip for everyone! Next vacation you go on get a GPS! Those things are amazing! We would have ended up in Indiana with out it. Thanks mom for letting us use your Christmas present. Best gift dad could have ever given you, seriously!

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Susan said...

We love our GPS and fondly refer to her as "Maggie" (Magellan) We'll never leave Utah without her.