Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Last of the Updates, Hopefully

Ok well here goes the last update. We've been in Ohio for 3 weeks and 4 days and so far so good. When we fist got here I didn't know if I was going to make it. It was 90 degrees and 199% humidity. (ok maybe not that humid, but it was REALLY bad!) I went on a walk one day and after 15 minutes decided that I needed to go back because I couldn't see. I was sweating from my eyelids! The last few weeks it's been much better. This last weeks it's been really nice around the low 70's and as far as I can tell not much humidity.

Our ward is great, I think we're really going to like being in this ward. Everyone has been so nice! Clint is loving school and studying really hard. It's 9:20 pm and he's still at school. It isn't always like this, usually he's home by 6:30, but I guess he has a ton of stuff to do for class tomorrow so he's trying to get it all done tonight.

We've met some great people who are going to school with Clint. So far there are 6 LDS students in their class. They are wanting to start a J. Ruben Clark association at school so that will be pretty cool. I've decided that it is a REALLY small world. Our fist day at church we met a couple who lived about a mile away from us in Spanish Fork. He's going to the law school as well. Then we met up with an other couple and it turns out that he served a mission with my brother Doug. Doug was his first zone leader.

A couple days after we got here the Jeep broke down. Thank goodness it waited to die till we got here and not in the middle of the country. It wasn't something we were wishing for, but we've come to expect the unexpected. It took forever to get fixed and I still don't think it's running like it should, but we weren't too happy with the place we took it to and I'm not looking forward to taking it back there.

I'm not having any luck finding a job. Everything I find on the internet ends up to be a scam. I went to a temp agency on Monday, filled out all the paperwork and then found out that they don't have any work till October. Hopefully I'll get something soon or we're in big trouble. I just don't know how people live just off student loans!

We've had a couple awesome rain storms. There was one week that it rained everyday and not just a little tut tut, it looks like rain, it was a down pour. I took a video of it, but it still doesn't do justice.

We haven't seen too much of the town yet. We've been really busy getting settled, school and job hunting. One Saturday we did go to a dog park for Jax. It's a park called BowWow Beach and is just the cutest thing. It's a huge man made lake that they let dogs swim in. They also have a fenced off part for little dogs like Jax. The day we went some ladies were having a birthday party for there dogs and invited Jax to come. They gave him a bag of party favors too. Jax loved playing with all the dogs, although he was more interested in "dominating" all the dogs, he still had fun sniffing and jumping on all of them.

One thing that I love about this place is the people. So far everyone has been SO nice. We have some really nice neighbors and even people we meet out walking and at the grocery store are really nice. I'm not saying Utah people aren't nice, I'm just saying that I've noticed people here are exceptionally nice.

BowWow Beach

Our Apartment

The pool and club house area

Our Building. We're on the 3rd floor in the back, so our view is the sacred grove. It's really pretty, but doesn't allow a lot of natural light into the place.

Our small 2 bedroom place.

Strait ahead is a solarium which we use as an office. It's really nice to have. Now when and if we ever have company, they can have the 2nd bedroom and not be overpowered by computer stuff.

Relief Society Enrichment

Saturday the Relief Society had a get together at a Ladies house in the ward. She live right next to this huge lake. We had a lot of fun going on boat rides on the lake, roasting marshmallows and just getting to know each other. I had a lot of fun and I'm really glad I went. Plus I now know where I want to live when we're rich! (wishful thinking). On this lake they have tons of homes and restaurants right on the lake. So if they want to go to the boat club or a restaurant, they just get in their boat and drive to where they want to go. So fun and SO nice and beautiful.

Some of the homes.

These next pictures aren't the best quality, but you can still see how nice some of the houses are.

One of the bigger homes.

And that's about all that's been going on. Hopefully now that I'm caught up I'll do better about posting, I sure will try. I hope everyone is doing great!


Marrott Family said...

Are you guys on vacation?? That looks like you picked a gorgeous place to survive the school years. I am so excited for your adventure and so glad that you have been updating!! Thank goodness for blogs!!

Cari said...

Im so glad you wrote about all of this...everything seems so awesome! I want to live there now too!! By the way I think your apartment is super cute, it looks really nice! I hope everything goes good for you guys. Good thing for blogs!

Cari said...

haha I just read what Melissa wrote and she said almost the same thing aobut blogs, how funny! I guess I should have read hers first

Becky said...

You look like you live in a beautiful place. Your apartment is really cute!! Thanks for the update it is fun to live your adventure with you. Good luck job hunting. That is never fun.

Heather & PJ said...

We are really glad that you guys live in our ward and that we have you as friends. It is a really good thing. Hey what are you doing for Thanksgiving? Maybe we could get together?

Lindsey said...

Good luck finding a job! hopefully something will pop up soon! The other Jen had fun @ enrichment too and told us about the houses. Some day. I've also noticed how FRIENDLY people are! I was just telling my mom about it today; she said that's how it was when she grew up. People just sit on their porches and enjoy the gorgeous weather!!!! Can't wait for tomorrow night; hopefully kiddos will go to bed well because they have been naughty alllllll week! love the dog party idea! :)

Matt and Carolyn said...

Jen- Thanks so much for your comment. You are amazing and I appreciate your words so much. Thanks for sharing. I can only imagine what you have been through, and I totally agree with what you said. Thanks again.

I'm glad you guys seem to be getting settled! Jordyn misses you guys. Everyone in the whole class seems to have up and moved in the last few months, so it's just her and one other kid, with new teachers! She really misses the old class. :)