Saturday, September 19, 2009

Some News

Well this week I found a temporary job, thank goodness it's a temp job because I really don't like it. I'm working at Joann Fabrics customer service department, so pretty much a call center. Right now I am just answering emails but eventually will take calls and place orders for customers. It really isn't that bad, it just reminds me that I am 29 and doing a job that 18 year olds do. The good thing is the job will be over the middle of December, right when Clint finishes up with finals. Now we can have a huge Christmas break together.

The job market is REALLY bad here so I'm grateful I have something. Since the market is so bad and I can't find a permanent job I have been debating on going back to school and finishing up my prereqs for Dental Hygiene. I get really exciting when I think about it, so if I am able to get enough financial aid, get accepted to Akron U, and get all my credits transferred then I'll start in January. I really hope everything works out ok!

So that's pretty much all that has been going on. Now that I am working I am not such the good house wife anymore, my apartment is a mess, dinner is hard to find, I have no groceries and poor Jax is alone all day long. But the good news is, I'm making a little bit of money so we don't have to move into the refrigerator box we found on the side of the road :). Cross you fingers for us that everything will work out!


Marrott Family said...

Yay! Dental Hygiene! Do it you'd be great and you know I'd talk til I was blue in the face to help you out any way I can. Good luck & apartment/dinner is trivial stuff.

Kim Walker said...

Dental Hygiene would be AWESOME!!! i would love to do that! I'm so glad you found at least temporary work. We would love to see you guys some time!

Kim and Heather said...

Those are great plans. I love the long Christmas break together and going back to school. If things everything works out I say "go for it!"

Stephanie said...

Good luck Jen... I'm glad you were able to find something. Lovin' the dental hygienist idea!