Saturday, May 15, 2010

Christmas Break 2009 # 1

So I know I'm a few months behind on posts, but all I can say is it's better now than never. So after finals (which by the way went great, I was so proud of Clint, he's going to make a great lawyer some day) we headed to Utah for 3 weeks for Christmas. It was honestly the fastest 3 weeks of my life and we had a great time spending time with our family and friends.

Jax had fun at Grandma and Grandpa's and had lots of people to play with all the time.

Here are some of the things we did...

Lunch with the Meeks (Kneaders, yumm it's good! Miss it tons)

Met one of my new nieces, Finnley (spelling? I know terrible aunt!)

Spent some time at Mariah and Enrique's playing the Wii

Jax was very interested in Finnley.

Boston liked spending time with Aunt Clint. Yes I said that right.

We went to a million Christmas concerts. Here is Libby's.

Dinner at my sister's house before her kids left to Arizona with their dad.

Brooklynn doing an awesome kick.

And Chris...not so awesome :).

Got my own violin concert from Brooklynn and Hailey.

More Concerts!!!


Visit to Doug and Katie's.
Met another new niece Ellie who by the way isn't a huge fan of me. That's pretty hard for me because all the nieces and nephews love me! I've given her sisters strict instructions to tell her all about me so that when I go home, she won't be so scared of me :)

Clint and Afton

Afton gave us a piano concert

Mya gave us a violin concert

Spending time with friends:
We of course couldn't go to Utah with out seeing our friends the Jensen's and North's.

Got to love Pirates Island before our movie.

More Concerts:
Lexi's dance concert.

Cousin Carly's Wedding:
Salt Lake Temple in the cold foggy night.

Joel and Carly Goodman

Lights and us

Inside the Joseph Smith Memorial building.

View from above

So they did a really cool thing. They gave us all these massive sparklers and then the newly weds ran underneath our tunnel we made for them. I couldn't get a good picture.

Night at the Meeks:

Williams Christmas Party:
Every year we have a great Christmas party with my moms family.

Tyler playing the candy bar game.

The Nativity Scene, of course.

Surprise, more concerts!


Bradley, can you guess which one he is?

Night at the lights at Temple Square and the Melting Pot:

We went with my sister Lori's family and my mom. Super fun! And COLD!!!


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