Monday, May 31, 2010

Christmas Break #2

For the past 7 years my mom and dad have come over to Clint and my place for dinner and a night of fun. Since we were staying at there house they couldn't really do that so my sister Lori invited those that were staying at the Veenker's house to come over for a night of fun before Santa came. Since my sister Wendy and brother-in-law John only had their daughter Hailey home for Christmas (Brooklynn and Chris went to their dad's for Christmas and I think John's boys were with their mom) they were invited too.

We had a great time of food games and fun!

Playing Win Loose or Draw

Decorating cookies

The kids before bed. The only night they didn't mind going to sleep so that Santa could come.

The group that was there.

Since going to Utah was our Christmas present, Christmas morning was a little different because we didn't exchange gifts. But when Clint woke up he was very surprised that Santa had left a few things in his stocking.
Jax was jealous.

Christmas morning at the Veenker's:
As always everyone came over to my parents where we exchanged gifts, ate a yummy breakfast, and called Scott who at the time was on his mission in Argentina. My mom makes the BEST cinnamon rolls so of course we had those along with this really yummy breakfast casserole and of course oranges. Christmas wouldn't be complete with out them.
Hayden and Stockton looking very excited.

Hailey got this really cool Cat. When you pet it it purrs and it will move and lick it's paw and does all this other crazy stuff that makes it look just like a real cat.

The girls with the dolls that they got. Yes Libby got a real live baby instead, Britt.

Dad got a supply of Candy Bars for his break time at work.

I was very excited that I finally got a rolling pin! Weird thing to get excited about, but that's what happens when you get old, things like that are so fun to get.

Part of the mess we made.

Christmas at the Meeks:
This year at the Meeks was a bitter sweet moment. It was great to be with the family, but it was the first year with out Jim. We all missed him terribly but had a great time spending time with each other.

Boston and Roman must have been very good this past year because they got loaded with gifts! It was so fun to watch them open gifts.

Dinner time.

Boston hiding.

New Years at the Cabin:
Most years we go up to the cabin for New Years. This year was no exception. We had a great time snowmobiling, sledding, playing games and of course eating.

So of course pictures don't compare to the real thing. This is a massive sledding hill that my dad grooms with his snowcat. It is really long and by the time you get to the bottom you are flying. We don't like to sled the old fashion way of going down a hill and then climbing back up, nope we have the snowmobiles take us back up. Much better! The funny thing about this hill is that there is a ski resort just a few miles from our house here in Ohio and this hill is bigger than that.

Zach loves Jax! He is such a good cousin.

We played a lot of games at night including a mean game of Heads-up Seven-up! So much fun!

We also had a really fun game of spoons going on.

Clint, Jax and me in front of the cabin.

We had a great dance concert, I video taped it, but it won't download to my computer. But the girl in the black is Lexi and let me just say, she has major moves! She can shake those 5 year old hips like no body's business!

Afton sang for us. I'm so lucky!

Some of the nieces and nephew that would take a picture with us.

Family Home Evening:
The night before we left we had a big family home evening with my family.
I made spaghetti and wasn't sure how much noodles I would need. You would have thought that we were Italian with all of the noodles we had!

Caleb made me feel good and filled up his plate.

The kids enjoying the food.


McKinsey gave us a really great lesson on missionary work.

We then wrote letter's to Scott (who was on the miss) and folded the paper like a shirt and then added a tie and a name tag. McKinsey and KyLee's idea. Super cute and Scott loved them!

Clint and I with most all of our nieces and nephews on my side. Minus Ellie, she must have been sleeping.

Wendy remembered that one of her favorite FHE activities was trying on my dad's glasses. Luckily my dad doesn't throw anything away and he still had them! We all took turns trying them on and we looked GREAT!








Clint, not a big difference from his normal glasses :)

Libby, she even pulled up her pants for us.

We had a great time and it was hard leaving but we will and did see them all again.


Craig and Cricket said...

I am thinking that some of those glasses pictures will make a great addition to the family year book you make! Serious laughs for generations to come!

kylenlori said...

Seriously funny pictures of the glasses. Too bad we didn't get pictures of all of the siblings wearing them. Next family function, It's time to pull them out again.

Lindsey said...

Annie wants to know when we can come to your house? (ie cabin :)) and I was shocked to see the kids covering Clint! how funny! What a great morning to get to look at so many updates!!!