Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mom's Birthday!

On July 30th my mom turned...well I'm sure it was somewhere around 35. My dad, I don't dare say Finally, but he gave her the present of her life time. It was so great that now she expects it each year from now on. Clint just happened to be working with a guy who owns a helicopter business. My dad asked Clint to see what the cost would be for him and he was SO nice and said, it's on me, just bring her down. So my dad woke my mom up at 6:00 am, they got in the car and headed down south to Spanish Fork. My mom just thought that they were going to the cabin, so she didn't expect anything until they pulled into the airport. Needless to to say she LOVED it. The pilot took them on a ride up to the cabin. They couldn't land at the cabin because the air was too thin, but the top right picture is looking down at the cabin, you can't see it because of all the trees, but trust me, it's there. Good job on the present dad, I know she loved it!

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