Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jen Turns 30!!!

Yes it's true, I am no longer young. On August 6, 2010 I turned the big 30 and you know what, it was great and I really don't feel as old as I thought I would.
First off for my present from Clint. He had taken my wedding ring into the jewelers' at got it all spiffed up for me. It looked SO nice and I was so happy to have it back and wearing it instead of the cheap one I had been wearing from Walmart that started to turn my finger green. Thanks Clint, too bad now it's 6 months and it needs to be done again.

Clint threw me a party and a few of my nice friends came. My friend Robin had the most amazing creative mind and came up with a game for me called "That's Jentertainment!"

We had six different categories we competed it.
1.Jen shaken...not stirred and on the rocks
2.Could you please pass the Jen's favorite food.
3. Jen the bread winner
4.Jen on high school night. (In side Joke, Robin wanted to go to studio 600 and FINALLY after nine years Teresa (Robin's wife) and I agreed to go. Unfortunately (for Robin, not me) it was high school night and there was NO way we were going to hang out with a bunch of high school kids.
5. Jen in bed, kind of
6 Jen and Jen

Here is the poster with the different categories.

Ok #1 - Jen shaken not stirred (no picture sorry). So my favorite drink is Diet Coke with Lime. So Robin had 12 different drinks everything dark and carbonated from Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Root bear and everything in between. So Clint and I were competing against each other and we had a 12 cups filled with all the soda's and who ever picked the "Diet Coke with Lime" wins! Less than 5 seconds I had it picked!

#2 Could you please pass the Jen's favorite food. So if you have ever been to Magleby's Fresh you know that they have the most AMAZING syrup for there french toast. Well one day we took the healthy Robin with us and he loved it until he found out that it was made with butter. Anyways, since I like the syrup, Robin of course thinks that my favorite food is Syrup and Butter. (It's not by the way!) In this competition we had to come up with a a picture made out of butter and syrup. I won, mine is the bottom left. I had no idea what I was doing, but it ended up looking like the scream character and since Robin loves anything to do with movies, mine one.

#3 Jen the bread winner. Well all of you, or most of you know that my first career is cosmetology. So Robin bought wigs and Teresa and Tamsin had to cut the wigs while the boys were wearing them. I had to judge and it was a very close call, but the Norths won. It was so hilarious watching!

#4 Jen on High school night. So I've been doing Zumba since June and absolutely LOVE it, if you haven't tried it out yet, you really need to. It's the best way to work out, don't be intimidated, just try it! Anyway, for this competition, I had to be the Zumba leader and everyone had to follow me exactly, and if they didn't do it exactly, they were out! Super fun!

#4 Jen in bed kind of. This one was quit interesting. Well like most women, I like to read cheesy romance books. Then the next part was an other inside joke (lets face it, the whole game is based on inside jokes). A couple years ago we were at Robin and Teresa's and I asked for a blanket, Robin went and got it for me and by habit (because he does it for Teresa), he started "tucking me in." Of course we laughed for ever about it and still do.

Anyway so for this one, Nick and Tamsin had to swaddle me up like a baby and ready me passages from a cheesy romance book.

#6 Jen and Jen. So I admit, I like Jennifer Anniston. Robin of course thinks she is my favorite actor and is always giving me a hard time about it. This competition he was going to prove to me that I have seen all of movies. I'm sorry I don't remember exactly how this competition went, but I think that Teresa and Clint had to name movies of Jennifer Aniston's back and forth and who ever could come up with the most won. Then Robin had a list of all of her movies and no surprise, I haven't seen half of them. Robin on the other hand can't say the same thing.

So after cake and ice cream and a movie that was it! The big 30 had come and gone, it was a great birthday and I want to thank Robin and Clint for putting it together. I had a great time!

The guests, Robin and Teresa Jensen, Clint, and Nick and Tamsin North. Thanks for coming!

Creepy picture of me I know, my eyes are all weird, but it's the only one I had with the cake.


Tamsin said...

That was so much fun. Have another birthday so we can do it again! :)

Heather said...

What a cute idea! I may have to steal it sometime. Happy REALLY late birthday. Miss you