Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Spring Break 2010 - Florida

Spring break was in the middle of March and by this time in the year we were DYING from not being able to see the sun. It was so depressing that we decided that we HAD to get out of the state and find some place with a little sun. We found an amazing deal to Florida. Our wonderful friends the Anderson's babysat Jax for us so we could enjoy our time and not have to worry about him.

They have a dog too and just LOVED playing together all week. They were both pretty sad to be with out a friend the week after we got back.
We were gone 6 days and were busy the whole time doing things. I can't believe how much there is to do in Florida. So much FUN!
Our flight got in really early Saturday morning so we decided that before we checked in we would head straight East to the Kennedy Space Center and take in some of the sites. It was really neat and Clint has always been interested in space so he really enjoyed it.

Do you ever find that when you're on vacation you always seem to run into someone you know? Well just as we were leaving we ran into the Barretts. They live in Clint's mom's ward in Utah. What are the chances that we would both be there at the same time and come from totally different states? It was fun to see them.

The next day was a VERY long day at Epcot. We had a good time but by the end of the day we were ready to go to bed!

Monday was the Magic Kingdom. I love that Disney has the fast pass system, but even with it, we still weren't able to get to all the rides. But that's ok because we went back on our last day.

On Tuesday we took a break from the parks and went to Cocoa Beach. The weather was nice but not warm enough to swim, so we just enjoyed ourselves laying on the beach for a few hours. We had to soak up as much sun as possible since we wouldn't be seeing it once we got home.

Wednesday we went to the Animal Park. It was pretty good but the best part about the whole park is the ride Expedition Everest. It is seriously one of the funnest roller coasters I've been on. It seems like 1/2 of the ride you're going backwards in a really dark place. SO FUN!

Thursday we went to Hollywood studios and had a GREAT time there. That seemed to be a little bit more adult friendly and they had some (2 or 3) pretty good rides as well. My favorite was the Rock' n' Roller Coaster. Also they have this really cool stunt car demonstration that is worth seeing. I was pretty sad because the studio back lot tour was out of commission. But we lived and hopefully we didn't miss too much.

Friday our flight left at 6:30pm so we went back to Hollywood studios to ride the Toy Story ride because there was no way we were going to wait in line for 3 hours to see it (the fast passes were gone) the day before. We also went on the Rock' n' roller coaster. We left the park at about 10:30 and then headed off to the Magic Kingdom to ride Space Mountain one more time. (I love that one!)

After that we had about 2 1/2 hours to kill so we decided that we would try and see if we could go on a swamp tour boat ride. I put in the address on the GPS and it said it was going to take an hour to get there. (Later on we found out that there was a closer tour). Once we got there we waited for a while and touched and held a baby alligator and then just was we were about to get on the boat we wanted to make sure that the tour was only going to be a half hour. To our surprise the tour guide said that it would be an hour. Since we were suppose to be to the airport in an hour and a half we decided that we wouldn't have time and didn't get to go on the tour. Now once we got to the airport we found out that our plane was a half hour late and that we would have had plenty of time to make it. Oh well, I guess we'll have to save that for next time.

All in all we had a great time. We got to see a different part of the county, spend some time together with no school interruptions, spend some much needed time in the sun and just kick back and relax. Clint says that he doesn't know if he'll ever go back, but I have a feeling that once we have kids, he'll change his mind.


Brooklynn said...

The beach that you went to looked really nice! It didn't look like there was any kelp or seaweed anywhere.

Marrott Family said...

You guys live the life! What a fun adventure & places that are on my bucket list!!!

Jenn and Josh said...

Ok, first let me say that I LOVE that picture at the top of your blog, it is so darn cute, and you look great in it! I am loving your hair! I am glad to see the posts from florida, it looks like so much fun, and how do you do those picture collages that you post on here? Shadow was so happy to have a playmate with Jax while you were there, now he doesn't have one...So do you guys think you will come back? We miss you TONS!! Ohio's loss-Utahs gain...

Kim and Heather said...

It is great that you guys can do so many neat things. I'm glad you got a great deal to Florida. I LOVE Rockin' Roller Coaster too!!!