Thursday, May 19, 2011

Easter 2011

For Easter this year we did the usual.  Had dinner at my parents house and a little Easter egg hunt.  My aunt and uncle and some of there kids from Canada were here so it was fun visiting with them.  Nothing too exciting happened, it was just nice being with family and seeing how excited the kids were hunting for eggs.

Our child looking for eggs.

I had to throw this picture in of Andrea because she is always saying that I pick horrible pictures of her to put on my blog, so here you go! ;)

Waiting to be let out side.

It's so fun seeing Jax and Yogi play together.  Jax is such a giant compared to Yogi, it's crazy!

The nieces and nephews love playing with Jax.  Here is Collin pulling him around.

And Brit.

Clint and Yogi

Brit thought it looked fun and wanted in on the action.


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