Thursday, May 19, 2011


We have a new addition to our family, Yogi Bear.  No he's not our dog, he' my brother Scott's, although I tried to keep him.  One day we were at Petsmart buying Jax some treats and they had a pet adoption going on.  Well Clint and I have wanted to get another dog so Jax would have a buddy, so we brought Yogi home for the weekend to see if he fit in with us.  Well my mom was not happy about having another dog in the house, so we had to find another home for him (we couldn't take him back to the store, we already were in love with him).  We searched and searched and finally my brother Scott and sister-in-law Andrea took him.

It's really fun to watch Jax and Yogi play.  Jax usually doesn't want anything to do with him (unless Yogi is chewing on his bone).  We have to trick Jax into playing with him by first having a human play tug-a-war, and then have Yogi hold on.  It's really fun.  Yogi tries and tries to get Jax to play with him, Yogi will run around the table at a million miles an hour barking at Jax, but Jax will just ignore him.  Whatever one of them has, the other wants and will stand guard until the other dog gets bored of his bone or toy and leaves it behind.  Then the other dog will chew on it for a while until he leaves it and the vicious cycle continues on and on.

You may have thought that Jax was small, we did too until we met Yogi.  He is almost half of Jax's size!  Yogi is so tiny and hardly weights anything.  The good news is, now that Scott and Andrea have taken him, they have toughened him up quite a bit and he seems to be more muscular.

It's fun having another dog in the family and the nieces and nephew just love having dogs around.  Yogi is so good with kids and doesn't mind if they pick him up or pet him (unlike Jax, he's kind of spoiled that way).  Once Yogi is fully potty trained I'm sure my mom will like him more, he struggles at times with training, but he's getting better!

These pictures are when we puppy sat for Scott and Andrea while they went to Moab.  It was fun, but Jax sure is happy when Yogi leaves and our full attention is back on him.

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