Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Computer

In our family the rule has always seem to be that I get the hand-me-down's as far as electronics go.  I've gotten all 3 of Clint's ipods after he has gotten new ones.  Not a big deal but just for once it would be nice to have a new electronic where I am the first one that gets to use it.   Clint was given a computer to use at work which left me with his old laptop (hand-me-down again).  This left us with 3 computers, the work computer, his laptop and our iMac. Come on, who really needs 3 computers. Well my lucky day finally arrived.  One day Clint went into Simple Mac and they were having a trade-in sale.  So we took our desktop and Clint's old computer and got me my very own laptop that no one has ever used before.  The anticipation of a new electronic was well worth it!  I LOVE IT!
I LOVE MY NEW MacBook Pro!

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