Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Grandma's Memorial Service

Like I mentioned in an earlier post my Grandma Jo Veenker passed away May 29, 2011.  She had been living in Utah with us but her real home was in California, so naturally that's where she wanted to be buried, next to her husband.  The whole Veeneker clan, minus my brother Doug's family (they were in the middle of moving), took a VERY quick trip to the June Lake area for her funeral.

We left Friday around 9 and followed the hearse (which happened to be my dad's excursion, kind of a weird thing but they got permits to take Grandma across borders and my parents didn't mind having a casket behind them while driving, so oh well).  After we got to my Uncles house in June Lake we had dinner and caught up with cousins and other family members that I haven't seen for a very long time.  It was so nice!

Saturday we had the funeral service at my grandma's grave site (my grandma wasn't LDS) and then...we got to watch as my cousin's, dad and uncle buried the casket.  You see the area she was buried is a VERY small town, and there aren't any funeral homes near by so we had to do pretty much everything ourselves.  It was kind of fun and now we'll always have that memory.  After the burial we had a little wake at the community center near by and we were able to celebrate my grandma with friends and family.  It was so nice.

Later that night we had another BIG dinner at my uncles house.  There were so many people there and we just had the best time talking and visiting with family. 

The next day we left!  Three day trip and two of those days were spent driving.  It was very quick but totally worth it.  We love and miss you Grandma, but thanks for your wonderful example in life!

Bringing Grandma into the community center

At the community center before the burial.

At the Grave Site

See I told you we had to do it all ourselves!

The Wake



Dinner at my Uncle's


We had a BLAST driving with Scott and Andrea.  Jax even came and did so good in the car!

Before we left on Sunday we stopped off at some of the look out spots and took pictures of June Lake

Scott and Andrea could be models!  So cute!

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