Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Up-date of Summer

Well a couple days ago I was going to post about how I'm finished with school and that we have been enjoying the summer, and then I realized that summer is almost over and I start school again in two weeks!  Where does the time go?

I finished up all of my pre-reqs for Dental Hygiene school and I'm PROUD (sarcasm there) to announce that I have been accepted to Salt Lake Community College for their program for Fall of 2016!  No that is not a misprint.  There is currently a five year wait list!  YUCK!  They say that on average students have been waiting 2-3 years, but they can't guarantee anything.  The really crappy part of all that is if I have to wait till 2016 all of my pre-reqs that I have worked so hard and long on will expire and I'll have to retake them.  I'm planning on applying to a few more schools this fall, but my chances of getting in aren't the best.  So for now I'm just taking things one day at a time (no planning here because we all know that our plans get ruined if we do plan ;)). 

So why am I going to school in the fall if I'm done with all my pre-reqs?  Because I am only 14 credits away from getting my Associates.  Dental Hygiene is only an Associates degree so hopefully I'll have two AS's by the time I'm done, but just in case DH doesn't work out I  want to have at least one.  So I'm taking it REALLY easy and breaking up the 14 credits into 6 this semester and 8 next semester.  I'm hoping things will be WAY easier for me now than they have in the past since the classes are basic generals.

Now back to what we have done this summer.  This summer has flown by!  We really haven't done that much but some how it's almost over.  Some of the things we have done are, helped out with Grandma while she was still alive, had Grandma's funeral, went to Vegas, had a family reunion, went boating, celebrated my 31st birthday, I picked up 10 more hours a week at work, and Clint has been working like a mad man!  Two nights a week he works till 10:00PM.  On those days he averages about 12 hours a day!  I don't love it (I REALLY hate it), but he says he has lots of stuff to get done and working after hours really helps him focus and get stuff done.  I'm proud that he is willing to work so hard so that we can have a good life.  Thanks Clint, you're the best!

And that about covers our life right now.  Nothing too exciting, just a long list of "To Do" items that I had planned to do over the summer and only half of them got done.  Please tell me that's how everyone works so that I can feel a little better about myself.  I hope all of you had a fantastic summer with lots of accomplishments, sun and FUN!

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Marrott Family said...

Fall 2016! Wow! Keep applying everywhere, you just never know. And good for you for not giving up, it will eventually work out and be TOTALLy worth it! p.s.pre-reqs expire??