Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Williams Family Reunion 2011

Every three years my mom's side of the family has a reunion.  We have done it at my parents cabin for the last little while because number one it's a lot cheaper than going some other place and number two it's hard to find a place for 80 people.  That's right, this year we were kind of small in numbers and only had 80 people.  A week and a half before the reunion my dad had gone up to the cabin to remove the snow from the roads so that we could get in.  By the time the reunion came there was a few snow patches here and there but for the most part things were nice and dry.  Since we can't fit 80 people in our cabin our nice neighbors allowed us to use there cabin, plus with people using their trailers, no one had to sleep in a tent.  It was great because Clint and I would have had to sleep in a tent, it would have been FREEZING this year!

The first day was a little rainy, but by the next day the sky's cleared and we were able to spend our time out side.  We had a great time riding 4-wheelers, canoeing, pinewood derby, rockets, Zumba, visiting, crafts, swinging, snowmobiling (no that is not a misprint), games, visiting some more and just enjoying what God created, family and the outdoors. 

Yes there are a MILLION pictures, but you're lucky, I cut back and only used the best ones.

See I told you we snowmobiled.  On July 1st we took a few snowmobiles to the top were there was a little bit of snow.  It was more to say we snowmobiled on July 1st than it was to have fun and go on big rides.  In one of the pictures my cousin is in her flip flops, now that's a new one I've never seen!

To end the reunion some of us went to Stadium of Fire.  David Archuleta and Brad Paisely performed.  It was seriously an awesome night!  Such a good show with the fireworks, singers, dancers, sky divers and everything else they had!  Plus we got half off tickets which made it even better in my opinion!


Kim and Heather said...

aaah! Good times as the cabin!!!


WOW, your family sounds so awesome!! great pictures capturing the moments, lots of cuteness and fun going on!! :)