Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm a Good Friend Now!

OK after this post I don't want anyone accusing me of not being a good friend.  Even though my only true friend is Shantel Schow (OK that's defiantly not true because I have so many of you), I am just a little peeved that non of you have told me about this AMAZING cooking blog before now.  Those of you who know about this, it's going to take a lot of repenting to me and showers of gifts for me to forgive you, but for those of you who have never heard of Our Best Bites, must check them out IMMEDIATELY!!!  I have only experienced this new form of heaven for a month now (this coming from the girl who FINALLY realized that browsing the internet can actually be great if you are using the right browser like Fire Fox or Chrome and not the icky thing they call Internet Explore), but since I've found out about it, it's changed my out look on life, or cooking that is.  I tell you that I am addicted to their website!  For the past three days I have done nothing but read their posts, OK maybe I've done a few things but I seriously have been so fascinated by what they have to say about cooking, tutorials, entertaining, life and anything else they have to say for the day.  They have SO many great recipes (most of them I haven't had time to try yet, but by looking at the pictures and seeing what ingredients are in them, I know they are all winners).  So if you are ever in need of an idea for dinner, check out their website, they will keep you on the straight and narrow, plus they are great writers and really funny!

I also bough their cook book a few weeks back and have made quite a few things out of it.  Yes I'm an OK cook (not great, OK) and I did OK with out their help, but since I've been making things out of the book this is the response I got from Larry Veenker (my dad), "This is so good, when are you going to open your restaurant?"  If you know Larry Veenker, that is a pretty great compliment and VERY shocking only because he DOES NOT give complements out very often, if ever!

So by now you must be thinking that Our Best Bites must be paying Jen to write all this great stuff about them, but sadly no -- I just really want to be a good friend and pass on this most important information to all my friends out there, so that one day I don't loose a friend because I didn't share with them the secret to life (OK maybe it's not that good, you be the judge).  So there you have it, I'm a good friend now, sorry I wasn't before, I just didn't know this valuable information yet.


C Lysager said...

Glad to hear that you finally found them. Sorry I have not shared before, but you are right there stuff if fabulous. I actually grew up with Sara and didn't realize it was her for a long time. Super yummy stuff. The most recent thing I made from their site was the asian BBQ chicken and it was so yummy, you must give it a try. But then again everything they have is yummy. Happy cooking!!

Kim and Heather said...

You are too cute! Thanks for sharing. I will check them out...I am always up for a good recipe or two.

tjandash said...

Hi Jen!!
I am totally guilty!!...I should be on the bad friend list:) I've been loving best bites since before we moved to Texas. I have made almost everything they've posted and the only thing I haven't been too big of a fan of is the dip for the sweet potato fries....everything else...delish!! I think I have the same taste buds as they do...lots of garlic and lime juice:)