Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2nd Trip to Utah in 2010

On May 7th, 2010 we headed off to Utah for a good 2 week plus trip. (Thanks to my family). I had a final at 1:00pm and we left right from the school at 1:30pm. It felt great to have school over with and a couple days later I was ecstatic to find out that I had gotten a 4.0 with 13 credits. That's never happened before so I have to kind of brag about it. We were so excited to go home to see our friends and family and spend some time with them.

The first night we drove to Davenport IA, and stayed with Clint's cousin Liz and her husband Nate. It was great to see them and spend a short time with them. Once we got Jax and there dog Penelope not to attack each other it turned out great. They even sent us off with an amazing breakfast the next morning. Thanks again guys! You're the greatest!

Taking a picture with the Wall's before we left.

On Saturday we had a REALLY long drive, we drove 14 hours to Larmie Wyoming before we just couldn't go any more. The next day was Mother's day and we REALLY wanted to be there for that. That's why we drove so far on Saturday so that we'd have more time on Sunday's with our moms. Clint's mom didn't know we were coming so she got the best Mother's Day gift when she answered the door and we were standing there. She just screamed, CLINT! What are you doing here! I think it helped make her day special.

While we were in Utah we had a PACKED schedule FULL of fun things. Some of those things included...
Going to my niece's dance festival (she's the one in the tidied ;))

And my other niece's dance festival. It was Convenient that it was at the same place.

We went Miniature golfing with the Jensen's

Can you tell where Clint is?

I was able to attend my niece Hailey's preschool graduation. SO CUTE!

We got to meet my new best friend and she was also my brother's girlfriend at the time. Andrea Gomez (they are now engaged)

We took a much needed family picture

And then a couple day's later my sister-in-law Katie took pictures of just Clint and me. She is amazing at taking pictures! I am so impressed with her. She's only been taking them since December and she looks mighty professional to me. You MUST check out her blog if you're looking for a great photographer who is very reasonably priced.

We of course had the May birthday party while we were there.
We also got to go to the Aquarium in Sandy with Clint's sister Mariah's kids. Way fun!
Three of the Grandkids had gone to EFY the week before we came so they gave us a family home evening on what kinds of things they learned and what they did. It was fun and reminded me of the days that I went.

We finally decided that we needed to leave (although we REALLY didn't want to, and at the time we had NO idea that we would be back in just a couple of weeks) on Monday 24th. Patti (Clint's mom) wanted to take us out to breakfast before we headed off.

Thanks again everyone for making our trip to Utah for the second time in 2010 a fun and memorable experience.

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