Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bear Lake

For the 4th of July weekend our friends the Jensen's invited us to Bear Lake with them for their family reunion. We had a great time and even though that water was ice cold and you couldn't stand to be in it, we still enjoyed the sun and company.

Robin has been going to Bear Lake with his family since he was young so we had to make stops at all of his favorite places. Le Beau's was our number one stop. I was shocked to see Robin eat a milk shake and greasy food because normally he stays very far away from that stuff. It's amazing how tradition doesn't keep you away from the naughty stuff.

Robin and Teresa in front of the cup.

Clint and me in front of the famous cup.

For some reason it's not as cute any more when our husbands feed us. They aren't quit as nice as they were when we were dating.

He was trying to shove it in my face, point proven!

Us with a gorgeous sunset.

The four of us.

Here we are half way on our drive around the lake. We were on the north side of the lake humongous lake.

Sunday potluck dinner.

Robin eating! AMAZING!

The girls relaxing on the sand bar on the beach.

Before he froze himself.

Clint and Robin were really brave and actually got into the Lake. This is them diving in! Burr!!!

Here they are afterwards looking for Clint's glasses that had fallen off after the dive. Good thing the water is so blue and clear so that they could see.

They came in shortly after this.

Teresa enjoying the rays.

Teresa lost one of her flip flops, so Robin was kind enough to carry her back.

View from behind. How sweet!

And us carrying all the crap we took down to the beach.

Taking a nice walk.

I was really bad at taking pictures the first few days. We also went in the canoe a bit and I tipped Clint over in the water. He wasn't too happy with me. We rode our bikes into town and had pizza. Rented wave runner's (I have pictures on my phone but I don't know how to get them off :))Read books, watched movies and watched the worse Firework show I have EVER seen. It was such a fun time getting away and just enjoying ourselves.


Heather and PJ said...

I am glad you had a great time. It sounds like lots of fun. Thanks for the update. Miss you guys.

Jenn and Josh said...

Looks like so much fun, I love bear lake and miss going there!!! And that is crazy that Clint got in that cold water, you couldnt have paid me to do that lol...we miss you guys too!!