Saturday, August 28, 2010

Moving Day # 2

After we got back from Utah we were kind of lost. We didn't really know what our life was going to look like for the next couple of months. Since Clint had to take a medical leave he couldn't go back to school until January and we were really having a tough time finding jobs. We had thought about going back to Utah until January, working, and spending time with our family and friends that we REALLY missed, or just staying in Ohio and hope that we both found jobs.

Well about a week after we got back my dad called me and said that if we came back to Utah that I could have my old job back working for him. So we talked about it and decided that Utah is where we wanted to be. We had such a good time while we were there and we were the happiest that we had been in months so in a weeks time we packed up all of our belongings and were on our way to Utah.

Here are a couple of pictures of our apartment in the disaster that it was in. I've decided that I hate packing and moving, but we are getting REALLY good at it.

We had everything all organized in two rooms. One room was stuff that would be put in storage so it needed to go in the back of the truck and the other room was stuff that needed to be with us while we were living at my parents so that was at the front of the truck.

We left on June 9th and made it to Lindon Utah on June 11th at about 6:30pm. Since we left Utah in May for the first trip and by the time we went back in June, we had put over 6000 miles on our little Jeep. Of course a couple weeks after we got here the water pump went out, but can you blame it with all the use we put it through? If you are really interested in hearing about our boring drive you can check out my earlier post, "We made it!" There isn't any pictures because we were too busy driving to worry about that, but it's there if you're really bored.

I started work right off the bat on Monday and Clint started intently looking for a job. It took him some time but about a month later he found a one! He is working for a company called Property Solutions. It is a software company that makes software for apartment management companies, hotels, and lots of other companies so that people can bay bills on line and all sorts of stuff that I don't understand. So Clint's job is to help customers with problems and questions with the software and help them set up their web page. He seems to like it and we both LOVE having income again. It's not much and we still feel poor, but it's better than nothing.

I'll try and post more about some of the things that we've been up to since we've been here, but for now, so long!


Becky said...

I'm so glad you keep updating your blog since we never got together. You guys have done lots of fun stuff and have had to make lots of big decisions. Hope to see you soon.

Steve and Jen said...

Glad you found jobs that you like! Glad you are here! Looks like you had a fun summer traveling! Fun pics! I love all of those sights!

Jenn and Josh said...

yeah, those pictures of your apartment with boxes just made me mores sad that your gone, oh the good times in that place of you doing my hair :) so do you guys think you will come back to Ohio yet or stay in Utah??? Either way i hope to see you again!